Manage the life aquatic with Megaquarium next month

Twice Circled has announced that it will release its management simulation game Megaquarium to PC, Mac, and Linux on September 13. The game will task players with managing their own aquarium while taking care of nearly 100 species of aquatic life within the exhibits.

Megaquarium breaks new ground by taking classic tycoon gameplay and applying it to a brand new industry, the unique and challenging business of public aquariums. Gameplay revolves around creating and laying out exhibits, managing the aquarium’s workload among its staff and ensuring the entire endeavour runs at a profit.

Megaquarium’s wide array of aquatic life will keep the player thinking on their fin. With fish, sharks, crustaceans, corals, jellyfish, cephalopods and more, their diverse care requirements will demand attention to detail and strategic thinking. As players advance they’ll unlock new livestock, equipment, guest facilities and more. This all funnels back into the success of their aquarium as layout choice and staff management, create a make-or-break tycoon experience that tests the player to the limit of their creativity and economic ability.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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