Make your pocket rock it with Battle Rockets 2.0 next week

Update (3/31/21): We have been notified by Gumbo Machine that Battle Rockets 2.0 will head to Vita on April 2 for North America, not March 31 as previously mentioned. However, as some have mentioned that the game is out in the EU PlayStation Store, the following text will remain unchanged.

Vita means life, and there’s still some life left for the handheld has Gumbo Machine recently announced a huge expansion for its recently released game Battle Rockets for March 31 on the PlayStation Vita. Dubbed Battle Rockets 2.0, this version will come with new characters, modes, and other quality of life features for the title.

While there is an official Twitter thread detailing the major changes, Gumbo Machine has announced that this version of the game will supersede the original Vita release digitally; this means that the original game will be delisted on March 31. However, for those who have purchased the game before then, you may download the new expansion for free once it comes out, and the expansion comes with a fresh trophy set for those who want to get them again.

The full list of inclusions is below:

  • 4 New Fighters – Based on the latest generation of game consoles:
    • P-05a “Quincy” (Created by Mauro Fonseca) (Special Move: Duel Sense; laser whip of “Small Blasts” that Fighter swings from left to right)
    • P-05b “Vivi” (Created by Mindwipe) (Special Move: Tempest-ation; spiral of “Small Blasts” originating from center of Fighter)
    • XB38z “Cerie” (Created by Loen91) (Special Move: Secret Weapon; streams of “Large Blasts” that fly upwards from Fighter)
    • AY-6 “Amy” (Created by Gumbo Machine) (Special Move: Friend Circle; “Large Blasts” shoot out from Fighter in random directions)

  • Remix Mode – “Mixed-up” versions of the previous three multiplayer modes:
  • Duel Shock (Remix) – Fighters must navigate a frantic maze, which constantly changes its layout
  • Short Fuse (Remix) – Gameplay has been slowed down by 0.5x
  • Cash Grab (Remix) – More coins to collect; money bags fly into the playfield more often, and at a faster speed
  • Super Challenges – A new difficulty setting for the existing eight Challenges
  • Added control scheme for single-player gameplay – Players can now use the face buttons to attack in Challenges
  • Revised UI – Featuring smoother UI elements and improved menu navigation


Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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