Magic: The Gathering Wilds of Eldraine releases worldwide September 8th

The next standard set for Magic: The Gathering Wilds of Eldraine officially releases September 8th with local a prerelease on September 1st and the digital release on Magic: The Gathering Arena on September 5th.

Ever After?

Wilds of Eldraine will mark the first set that takes place after the Phyrexian invasion of the multiverse and embarks players on a brand new story arc. What will the planes do now that they are more connected than ever and how does the multiverse pick up the pieces after March of the Machine? Familiar characters such as the Kenrith twins return along with entirely new characters such as Kellan, the Fae-Blooded. You can explore the Magic: The Gathering Wilds of Eldraine story-line beginning with part one:

Wilds of Eldraine set mechanics

Three brand new mechanics are being introduced with Wilds of Eldraine with the first one being Roles. Roles are token enchantment auras that will attach to creatures just like regular auras, but a creature can only have one role from one player at a time.

Another new mechanic called Bargain makes its debut. Bargain is similar to kicker, but the optional cost is to always sacrifice an artifact, enchantment, or token.

The final new mechanic for Wilds of Eldraine is Celebration. Celebration cards will cause an additional effect if two or more nonland permanents entered the battlefield this turn.

Adventure’s return from the original Throne of Eldraine set. This well received mechanic allows cards to have multiple purposes granting flexibility on a single card. This time there are even off color adventure cards allowing for interesting deck building.

Rounding out returning mechanics are classic sagas and food tokens. Sagas being a great way to represent storytelling within Magic: The Gathering and food tokens being extra useful for Bargain cards.

Wilds of Eldraine Artwork and Art Treatments

Wilds of Eldraine captures the spirit of classic fairy tale artwork with every card. The normal card frames display the splendor of stories from our childhood:

Full art basic lands representing the beautiful Wilds of Eldraine can be found. These landscapes show off the fantastical nature of Eldraine.

The set specific showcase frame returns for Wilds of Eldraine. Adventure cards will be available in the normal frame and the “showcase adventure” frames:

Each pack of Wilds of Eldraine will have one extra nonstandard bonus card similar to Strixhaven’s Mystical Archive These new “Enchanting Tales” will feature brand new artwork with either a “storybook” frame or an anime frame.

Magic: The Gathering Arena Releases

A new battlefield for Magic: The Gathering Arena will launch alongside the set featuring a literal popup storybook for the players to fight on.

New card sleeves will be available for Magic: The Gathering Arena too featuring legendary creatures from the set.

With Wilds of Eldraine arriving later this year, be sure to visit your local game store for the prerelease on September 1st or join Magic: The Gathering Arena for it’s launch on September 5th.

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