Lucky Duck Games and Druid City Games team up to create Tidal Blades: Banner Festival

Tidal Blades: Banner Festival, a new trick taking and area majority game for 2-5 players, will release in Q4 2022 thanks to a partnership between Lucky Duck Games and Druid City Games. Tidal Blades: Banner Festival will have an MSRP of $39.99. You can learn more below:

Kraków, Poland, July 29, 2022 – Lucky Duck Games and Druid City Games are joining forces to publish the newest game in the Tidal Blades universe, Tidal Blades: Banner Festival. The game will be released direct to retail in Q4 2022.

Tidal Blades: Banner Festival is a trick-taking game with a twist – you don’t always want to win the trick! Every card has abilities that are activated when played, but which ability you activate will depend on whether you played the highest, middle, or lowest card in the trick. Sometimes you’ll benefit more from playing the lowest card or one in the middle.

“Druid City Games is delighted to partner with Lucky Duck Games on Tidal Blades: Banner Festival,” said James Hudson, Owner of Druid City Games. “Vince and his team have quickly risen to the top as an industry leader and having a chance to partner with them is incredible!”

Vincent Vergonjeanne, CEO of Lucky Duck Games, said, “Already a huge fan of the Tidal Blades franchise, I am absolutely delighted by this new game. J.B. Howell, Michael Mihealsick, and the team at Druid City have put together an incredibly exciting game while transporting us back to this beautiful world. I am proud to be working with Druid City Games to publish Tidal Blades: Banner Festival together.”

Tidal Blades: Banner Festival will be released in Q4 2022 with an MSRP of $39.99 / 39.99 €. Interested retailers can contact their distributors to place pre-orders.

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