Longtime Call of Duty veteran announces return with new studio Bulletfarm

David Vonderharr has a new home. Previously of Call of Duty fame, David had been with Treyarch for long time before leaving to found his own studio, Bulletfarm. He’s been joined by several industry veterans, and has the backing of NetEase in this new startup. Their plans for the inaugural game are still being made, but it will be co-operative and from a first-person perspective. Take a look at the news below, and follow their socials to keep up on what Bulletfarm gets up to.

Los Angeles, California and Guangzhou, China, February 28, 2024 – NetEase Games is excited to announce the establishment of a new remote-first AAA game studio headquartered in Los Angeles, California, called BulletFarm. The studio is the latest addition to NetEase Games’ portfolio and is led by David Vonderhaar, an award-winning, experienced industry veteran best known for his leadership on the global hit franchise Call of Duty, notably the critically-acclaimed Call of Duty: Black Ops series.

BulletFarm is currently developing a new and ambitious AAA game, built in Unreal Engine 5 and set in an original universe with an emphasis on co-operative gameplay. The game will craft a more intimate and relatable experience while offering a fresh take on first-person gameplay. BulletFarm has a remote-first approach with the main studio headquartered in Los Angeles. Joining Vonderhaar as the studio’s creative director is veteran game designer Chris Cowell. BulletFarm currently has several key roles open and is actively seeking top talent to join the founding team.

“Starting this new studio has given me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and try my hand at making something entirely new and different. This is a departure from the games I’ve worked on, but one that showcases my passion for rich characters, precise mechanics, more intimate storytelling, and plenty of action,” said David Vonderhaar, Studio Head at BulletFarm. “NetEase has provided us an incredible support structure to explore these new avenues and allow true freedom to begin building the concept and ideas for our game.”

“NetEase Games is fully dedicated to giving BulletFarm the resources and support required to build this new first person experience,” said Simon Zhu, president of global investments and partnerships at NetEase Games. “David’s leadership and the early collection of game development talent assembled at the studio is set to offer something truly unique for his existing fans along with a new audience.”

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About BulletFarm

BulletFarm is a AAA first-party development studio that is part of NetEase Games. The studio is developing a brand new original and ambitious AAA game set in an original universe with an emphasis on co-operative gameplay. A remote-first studio, BulletFarm is led by David Vonderhaar, an award-winning and experienced industry veteran best known for work on the Call of Duty franchise, along with several industry veterans. Follow the studio on X/Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitch.

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