Live in harmony while you can, Prodigy Tactics is available now

Today, Hanakai Studio announced that its tactical RPG title Prodigy Tactics has headed out of Steam’s Early Access and is available in its full state today. The game will have players in strategic turn-based battles as they take control of 13 distinct characters and a novel mechanic known as Harmony and Dissonance.

The game’s action is set in the world of Thasys, which is waged by wars for magical energy and survival. The player’s goal is to awaken mythical creatures that are most likely the only chance to save the world.

The gameplay is mainly about clashes between the two teams in classic arenas on a turn-based system. The developers decided on a mechanism, in which one side prepares an attack and the second side – determines the defensive action or a counterattack. An important factor is also appropriately placing the figures on the board consisting of 12 fields.

In addition, Hanakai Studio has released some more details regarding its Harmony and Dissonance system:

The gameplay in Prodigy Tactics is based on the Harmony & Dissonance proprietary system. The strengths of harmony give balance and encourage the team in the fight – as a result, the members earn extra power that allows using special abilities. The strengths of dissonance are more powerful but are more unpredictable powers. With their help, you can overcome even the strongest enemies but the instability of this type of strengths may turn against the player.

Each of the 13 playable characters has two unique attacks in addition to a basic attack and counterattack. The creators have also prepared a wide range of developing characters – experience points obtained can be used, for example, to improve individual statistics. Additionally, it is also possible to use special passive skills.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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