Lies of P is now available on Xbox Game Pass

The grim reimagining of Pinocchio is now available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles with Xbox Game Pass subscribers having full access. Play as P and explore the dark and brooding city of Krat in an adventure we scored 95 out of 100 saying, “Lies of P is a gorgeous, bloody, unforgiving game which builds off the well-tread souls template to create a wholly original adventure that never ceases being a joy to explore and experience. With top tier combat, fantastic enemy and boss designs, and intricate and often interweaving areas to explore, the game remains fresh despite the 30+ hours required for a first playthrough. I may be a sucker for these types of games, but Lies of P hit absolutely every note needed to draw me into its often grotesque yet surprisingly emotional world. Lies of P may be based on a well-known and over told fairy tale, but watching it unfold in a mature setting with a likable cast of characters and dire stakes made the story that much more enthralling.”

Lies of P - Official Launch Teaser Trailer

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