Level Zero: Extraction closed beta coming in March — DogHowl Games and tinyBuild reveal new details on their FPS horror-extraction game

Ukraine-based developer DogHowl Games in partnership with publisher tinyBuild have announced new details regarding their debut title Level Zero: Extraction (formerly known as Level Zero). This asymmetric multiplayer extraction-horror will be launching into early access later in 2024, but the closed beta will be active starting March 15, 2024.

Level Zero: Extraction—Gameplay Reveal Trailer🔦 Steam Beta on Mar 15 | Multiplayer Extraction Horror

The story begins on the planet Turion, where the New Horizon Corporation has established a research facility in hopes of studying new life forms. However, their true goals were less than ethical, as they have been performing military experiments involving cross breeding human and alien DNA. With the facility abandoned, rivaling mega corporations circle like vultures as they send in teams to retrieve the lost research data and other valuable scientific material.

The main gameplay loop will be entering the match, looting as many valuables as you can, evading the monster and extracting. Your quota for extraction will vary depending on your squad size, meaning if you choose to go in with a smaller team you won’t have to loot as much to safely exfil. Most matches will feature four teams in total: three human teams and one team of monsters.

One unique spin on the extraction genre is that you can play as either the humans or the monsters. As the humans, you’ll need to meet a loot quota before extraction, facing danger from both the monsters and the other teams of survivors present in the match. While the developers have stated this will be a PvPvE game, you don’t always have to shoot on sight. As a matter of fact, teaming up with people you meet can make surviving against the monster much easier, just make sure you don’t end up with a knife in your back at the extraction zone. There’s even a feature to where the monster can hear your voice comms, if you’re using in game chat at least. I’m sure most players will opt for a 3rd party voice chat though despite the novelty.

There will be a varied arsenal of weaponry at your disposal, including but not limited to rifles, shotguns, flamethrowers, nail guns, pistols, grenades, mines, motion sensors, hammers and machetes. DogHowl Games wanted to include melee weapons as a viable option right next to their more traditional firearm counterparts. Featuring an input-directional system, you’ll be able to swing your weapon in whichever direction you move your mouse, providing that extra bit of immersion. 

While humans can be killed with just about any weapon, the monsters only have one weakness: light. You’ll need to pack flares, glow sticks and other sources of light to ensure you’re able to beat back the monster as you loot, and be wary of what might be lurking in the dark. 

If you’re more keen on playing as the monster, your goal for each match will differ greatly from the human side. Here you will work together with one other player to sabotage extractions and attempt to kill all the humans before they can escape. Sticking to the shadows, you’ll pounce on your prey and use your powers to extinguish lights and riddle the environment with traps to ensure their demise. You’ll also be able to collect eggs around the map to further upgrade your abilities and become an even more potent threat as the match progresses.

Other players won’t be the only thing to worry about when extracting, as the game will also feature dynamic events that can trigger throughout the level. You might turn a corner to find a sentry robot patrolling the area, or the power may quit leading to a total blackout. Their goal is to provide a more unique experience each time you enter the zone, so that both the encounters and the level itself feel more fresh each time you dive in.

Level Zero: Extraction will be launching into Early Access on Steam in 2024, but you can get a glimpse at the action for yourself by signing up for the closed beta coming in March. Console releases are planned for the 1.0 release further along in development.

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