Let’s investigate the stuffing out of this — Bear With Me: The Lost Robots at E3

I first met Ted E. Bear back in 2016 when he reluctantly partnered up with Amber to investigate the disappearance of her brother back in the first chapter of Bear With Me. Ted wrapped up his investigation late in 2017, but I still find myself thinking back fondly on the cheeky, noir adventures of a young girl and her alcoholic (though he gets drunk off of carrot-juice..?) stuffed bear. The story was filled with puns, utterly ridiculous at times and heart-achingly real at others. Well, hold on to your stuffing, because Ted is back, and this time he’s partnered with Flint.

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots is a prequel which tells the story of Flint’s disappearance from his point of view. Done in the same noir film style as the original, you’ll still need to observe and get creative with the items and environment around you if you want to progress through the point-and-click adventure story. The game’s snarky humor is still present, though the tone does feel markedly different this time around, thanks to the relationship between Ted and Flint. While Ted and Amber ran hot-and-cold with a sorted past, Ted and Flint are more distant, having rarely worked with each other previously.

Those who have played through Bear With Me will know Flint’s fate, but this knowledge is not a requirement for The Lost Robots. Fans of the series will get to explore a new view of events, but the story is written so that newcomers will be able to explore the story for the first time. While Amber’s adventure tended to focus on stuffed toys, Flint’s imagination seems to lean towards robots, and we’ve already seen a small but colorful cast of new toys to fill out this new adventure. I can’t wait to hit the streets of Paper City once more, and I’m curious to see how the relationship between Ted and Flint evolves.

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots will be available on PC, and has a planned release date of July 31st. Be sure to check back for our continuing E3 coverage for more interviews and hands-on gameplay from E3 2019.

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