Let’s get that bread in Steel Circus, closed alpha test heads to Steam next year

Today, Iron Mountain Interactive and Oasis Games announced that they will release a new multiplayer online arena game in the form of Steel Circus, with a closed alpha test available next year on Steam. The game feature team-based play with a variety of different characters and playstyles as players have to score points by shooting a ball into the opponents’ goal.

In 2350, decades of seemingly endless war have worn down the solar system, and peace hangs by a thread. To promote peace and enhance communication among the most powerful factions, every year the Solar Council brings together representatives from each faction to discuss politics behind closed doors. During these talks, heroes, referred to as “champions” in-game, compete in front of roaring crowds to claim honor for their individual ethnic groups at the Steel Circus championships.

Control one of several heroes and compete in online multiplayer matches with the objective of scoring by shooting the ball into the opposing goal by any means. Each champion has a different skillset with two special skills. Characters range from support roles with buffs and heals to brawling powerhouses. Mastering these abilities is the difference between decent and great players. Since each power is designed around teamplay, strategic cooperation with partners is crucial to claiming the final victory.

“Each champion has two special skills, and they all have vastly different battle styles”, said Daniel Lin, the Marketing VP of Oasis Games, “Steel Circus has a wide array of unique champions, ranging from characters with buffs and heals suitable for supporting roles, to brawling powerhouses. Mastering their abilities is the key to unlocking their potential. That’s why we define Steel Circus as a ‘Hero sports’ game. Meanwhile, players need to work together to overcome their adversaries, since every champion’s power is designed around being an effective part of a team.”

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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