Layers of Fear scaring you early with a free demo next week

Layers of Fear

Bloober Team and Anshar Studios have announced a free PC demo for their upcoming psychedelic horror game Layers of Fear due out next month. The demo will allow you to experience the first few minutes of the game as well as introduce you to the game’s final protagonist: the Writer. The team is also excited to announce a livestream of the game from Damian Kocurek, Creative Director of Anshar Studios, who will provide commentary on the demo itself and discuss it with Laura Bernaś, PR Manager at Bloober Team. This livestream is scheduled to happen at 8:30 am PT on Monday, May 15th.

The development team are in the final stretches of development and is one of the first games to fully utilize Unreal Engine 5. Because of this, you can expect Ray Tracing support, HDR, 4K resolution and many other visual enhancements that make the horror experience much more immersive. Along with the above announcements, the PC spec requirements were also released. Please see below for more details:

Layers of Fear
Layers of Fear will be released on PC via Steam, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5 sometime June 2023. The aforementioned free demo will be available on PC via Steam from May 15 until May 22, 2023.  Take a look at the newly released cinematic trailer below:

Layers of Fear - Cinematic Intro

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