Latest Madden NFL 24 Gridiron Notes blog details a slew of upcoming updates

Madden NFL 24 just released a slew of update info in their latest Gridiron Notes blog. The blog details fixes to slow UI transitions, franchise draft classes, catching, defense, AI, and more. There’s far too much to list here, but head on over to to check out the full report. Additionally, EA released a trailer for their upcoming season of Madden NFL 24, which can be viewed above. You can check out a snippet from the full Gridiron Notes report below:


What We’re Hearing From You:

Each day, our team is reading the forums, chatting with you on social media, and watching gameplay across platforms like Youtube and Twitch. Below is a key update as we continue monitoring before we get into Title Update 3:

*Slow UI Transitions – In our last update, we mentioned our prioritization around UI transitions. Many improvements have gone live across modes already and our Dev team continues to actively work to optimize high-traffic screens inside of Ultimate Team, Superstar, and Franchise. You can continue to expect incremental updates and improvements to screen transitions in the coming weeks.

*Franchise Draft Class Fixes – See below for multiple fixes around Franchise Mode, specifically with Draft Classes.  Please Note: The fixes will only affect newly created draft class files on Title Update 3. When downloading a new draft class, we recommend sorting by the Date Added column and selecting files created after October 4th in order to ensure the file does not contain the original error.



DEV NOTE: The following ability additions are exclusive to Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions. 

*Derrick Henry equipped with Angry Runs
When your player is entering the zone, this X-Factor ability grants you an extremely high chance to win your first interaction with a defender. This will include fakeout attempts, truck/stiff arm attempts, and breaking a tackle.
Pro Tip: Look for Kyle Brandt’s Angry Runs player of the week to see which players earn this ability in Ultimate Team.

*Travis Kelce equipped with 3rd Down Threat

This Superstar ability grants your player an improved chance of winning contested catches on 3rd down while in single coverage. This will only activate if the pass is within 25 yards of the line of scrimmage.

*Jason Kelce equipped with Linchpin
This Superstar ability causes the center to bolster the entire offensive line, allowing players to hold blocks for a longer period of time then they normally would.

*Micah Parsons equipped with Dual Threat
When in the zone, this X-Factor ability grants players an extremely high chance to defeat pass blocks while rushing or force catch knockouts while in coverage.
Pro Tip: In addition to these abilities being available on base rosters, these new abilities will be available to equip your players with in Ultimate Team.

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