Kynseed, a sandbox RPG, promises a release date ‘soon’

Indie game developer PixelCount Studios released a development blog yesterday in which they promised that a release date for their upcoming game, Kynseed, would be coming soon. Or more accurately:

“We’ll soon say how soon soon is.” – PixelCount Studios

Kynseed is a 2D sandbox adventure from veterans of Lionhead Studios’ Fable series, which features beautiful pixel art, an atmospheric soundtrack, pig riding, a world which changes, reacts to your choices, remembers your deeds, and puns… lots of puns. Kynseed became a reality after a successful Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2017, and PixelCount aims to bring the chill-out charm of Stardew Valley,  the reactive sandbox world of Fable, and a healthy dose of fables and silliness to PCs this year.

Farm life is simple and downright boring, until your character comes to posses the mystical Kynseed, a magical seed which will entwine itself with your life, causing your choices to manifest on its branches. As you to a to grow your family tree, you’ll be able to step into the shoes of your children in order continue your adventure and further grow your reputation. Of course, such a power does not come without a price, so you’d best be prepared to pay when Mr Fairweather comes calling.

The world of Kynseed is complex, rich, and very detailed. Everyone and everything in the game ages, has fears, phobias, allergies, and desires — even animals and the monsters themselves. Villages each feature their own customs, festivals, delicacies and attitudes, from the puritanical Tunts to the people of Poppyhill and their annual Underpant Frenzy. The sandbox nature encourages you to play the way you want: Raise a family, farm your land, run your shops, and explore a lovingly crafted land where all the old proverbs and superstitions are true.

You can learn more about Kynseed by checking the PixelCount Studios website, the Steam store, or even by downloading the Kickstarter demo and trying it out for yourself. Kynseed is due out sometime in early 2019, we hope to learn just how early early is soon!


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