Konami shadow drops free Silent Hill game, showcases Silent Hill 2

At the PlayStation State of Play, Konami had a surprisingly big presence. Not only did we get an update on Silent Hill 2, but a free-to-play Silent Hill game released during the show. The trailer is reminiscent of P.T., so download it now before Konami delists it forever. Check that out and a lot of additional developer trailers below.

LOS ANGELES – January 31, 2024 – Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. (KONAMI) today announced SILENT HILL: The Short Message, a brand-new entry in the psychological horror franchise, is available now for free on the PlayStation™Store. Plus, a new trailer from development studio Bloober Team for the highly anticipated SILENT HILL 2 remake showed off what players can expect from the improved and modernized combat.

Follow Anita, the main protagonist in SILENT HILL: The Short Message, as she is called by a friend to an abandoned apartment complex on the outskirts of town. As she explores her eerie surroundings, she comes face-to-face with a dark truth that she had tried to shut away. KONAMI previously announced several new games and other forms of media that would spearhead a new era of the SILENT HILL franchise.

SILENT HILL: The Short Message is a first, bold innovation for a new generation of SILENT HILL fans, and with its surprise reveal and free launch, it’s the perfect opportunity for new players to get into the psychological horror franchise. SILENT HILL: The Short Message is a short game with a complete story that is independent of the previous and upcoming titles in the series. The game is set in the present day and deals with the theme of slander and bullying on social networking sites – a contemporary theme familiar in modern day society. This is the latest entry in the series in over a decade. We hope that the new generation of players who have not been exposed to the previous games in the series will experience the world of psychological horrors SILENT HILL can deliver.

Take a deeper dive at the creative process that brought SILENT HILL: The Short Message to life via five behind-the-scenes videos with the director, cast, and development team.

  • Commentary 01: Production Team Interview –
SILENT HILL: The Short Message - Commentary 01: Production Team Interview (EN) (Spoiler Warning)

  • Commentary 02: Actor/Director Interview –
SILENT HILL: The Short Message - Commentary 02: Actor/Director Interview (EN) (Spoiler Warning)

  • Commentary 03: Sound Team Interview –
SILENT HILL: The Short Message - Commentary 03: Sound Team Interview (EN) (Spoiler Warning) | KONAMI

  • Commentary 04: Developer Interview –
SILENT HILL: The Short Message - Commentary 04: Developer Interview (EN) (Spoiler Warning) | KONAMI

  • Commentary 05: Cast Interview –
SILENT HILL: The Short Message - Commentary 05: Cast Interview (EN) (Spoiler Warning) | KONAMI

SILENT HILL: The Short Message Video Streaming Guidelines:

A new SILENT HILL 2 trailer focuses on combat, which has evolved from the original game. Iconic monsters make a return, including the Bubble Head Nurses, the Mannequin and more.

SILENT HILL 2 - Combat Reveal Trailer (4K:EN/ESRB) | KONAMI

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