Kirby Star Allies wave 3 DLC announced, new mode revealed with harder versions of bosses

Out of nowhere, possibly from Another Dimension, the Japanese Kirby twitter announced the third wave of Kirby Star Allies dream friends as well as an extra mode loosely translated as Another Dimension Hero. This new mode appears to include new levels and tougher versions of previous bosses.

While not yet available in English, the trailer begins with showing off the first of the new dream friends, Magalor. Returning from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland (and other spinoff cameos), Magalor harnesses the power of the Ultra Sword and can use his Lor Starcutter as a team attack. Taranza from Kirby’s Triple Deluxe is the next dream friend, who appears to be similar to Spider while having the ability to summon Queen Sectonia. Lastly, Susie from Kirby Planet Robobot is the final dream friend with the ability to use several gadgets as attacks such as a blaster, something to lift her up, and a robobot.

That wasn’t all that was announced. The three general appeared once again in front of Kirby, but this time he’s sucked into another dimension in a new mode loosely translated as Another Dimension Hero. In this mode it appears to show Kirby running through several levels, being required to change into various dream friends before moving on to the next room. Harder versions of the bosses appear, knocking down one of the common complaints of the game not having “extra mode” bosses. Several of the generals appear at the same time as well, with the end hinting that they may be playable.

The third wave of dream friends for Kirby Star Allies will be released on November 30th, 2018. Curious to see how the dream friends shake up the gameplay of Kirby Star Allies? Check out our feature on the post-game content of Kirby Star Allies here.

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