Kingdoms & Warfare, a D&D 5th Edition supplement by MCDM Productions, hits Kickstarter

Kingdoms & Warfare, a third-party supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition by MCDM Productions, has not only hit Kickstarter, but has already doubled its funding goal. This is the second project by MCDM following Strongholds & Followers.

Kingdoms and Warfare introduces Domain-level play to your game, allowing players to become Regents running a Kingdom, Duchy, or Barony! Or a Church! A Thieves’ Guild! A Bard’s College! Whichever you choose, it’s your Domain. Your domain can take actions, raise armies, conduct espionage, and wage war!

Different kinds of Domains have access to different actions. A Thieves’ Guild is quite good at espionage, not so good at raising armies. So you may need allies! Because you will certainly have enemies!

Characters are still adventurers! But now the stakes are higher. Now the dragon threatens your people! And the dungeon contains the power you need to stop your enemies’ schemes!

While you’re away; your Lieutenant runs your domain (by your command) allowing you to continue adventuring as normal. Or as normal as anything is in this game. :D

Kingdoms & Warfare will include new kingdoms, titles, organizations, titles, expanded rules for Warfare, and new monsters including Gemstone dragons. The Gemstone Dragon mini is available as part of the $195 pledge level.

Backers that pledge $25 or more will receive a PDF of Kingdoms & Warfare when it is released. It’s expected to be released in May of 2021. For more information or to the back the project, visit Kingdom & Warfare’s Kickstarter page.

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