Killer Instinct heads to home arcades thanks to Arcade1Up, pre-orders are live now

The long wait for Killer Instinct to go up for pre-order is over. Killer Instinct has served as a holy grail of sorts for Acade1Up fans, many of who believed that the emulation would not be possible on a home arcade. But fans have learned to never doubt Arcade1Up and their commitment to creating a quality product and to bringing the products that their fans request to the market. Also, Battletoads is on the machine (the arcade version, 8-bit version, and 16-bit version) – and who doesn’t love Battletoads? Read below for more info about the Killer Instinct arcade machine from Arcade1Up’s website:

The Killer Instinct ™ Arcade Machine available to pre-order directly from Arcade1Up includes a custom riser, light-up marquee, light-up deck protector, molded coin door, and exclusive stool. Live WiFi enabled for online play with no monthly subscription required.

Pre-order now for an estimated postholiday ship date. Ships to USA and Canada only.

(Please note your card will be charged when you place your order. Canadian customers please note that shipping to your location may be subject to duties and taxes.)

Killer Instinct™. Fans loved it, critics loved it. For many retrogamer enthusiasts it’s a definitive title of the mid-’90s, with the gameplay, soundtrack, and 3D-rendered graphics all revered. Relive that video game era with this stop-you-in-your-tracks arcade cabinet, that also includes Killer Instinct 2™, Battletoads™ (yes, the arcade version!), Battletoads™ 8-bit, and the 16-bit version as a bonus game.

You wanted a killer addition to your home arcade collection, and once again Arcade1Up has heard your battle cries. Killer Instinct™ is here!

Need to add some height to this cabinet? No problem, the included matching riser gets you there. Want to pick a fight remotely? The Live WiFi feature allows you to take on opponents anywhere, playing from their own cabinet.

Renowned for providing authentic arcade experiences in a home arcade form factor, Arcade1Up game cabinets are absolute must-haves for family game rooms, man caves, or a welcome distraction in the office. They play great, look great, and are instant conversation pieces.

The Killer Instinct™ home arcade cabinet from Arcade1Up. If you’re thinking, “this is awesome,” your instincts serve you well.

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