Judas impresses in previews, new gameplay revealed

We’ve been excited over here for Judas ever since it’s announcement at The Game Awards, and a roll out like this is certainly good news. Several different gaming media were able to make a trip to Ken Levine’s Ghost Story Games and play it, and a good chunk of it at that. They experienced five hours of gameplay, along with interviewing the man himself, so some of the ideas behind Judas are coming together. You can see all of the previews gathered below, thanks to Ryan McCaffrey of IGN, The Friends Per Second podcast, and Geoff Keighley for posting their thoughts.

From the Friends Per Second podcast: “Definitely not just Bioshock in space (although the language of the game is very similar)… Jake wouldn’t move from the game… they’re being creative but you get what you’re looking for in a Ken Levine game…”

EXCLUSIVE: We played 5 hours of Judas and interviewed creator Ken Levine | Friends Per Second #41

From Geoff Keighley: “All of the things you would expect from a Bioshock game are there, the hand powers, hacking, incredible cinematic moments, great characters, rich storylines, but there’s something more going on behind the scenes… A bit of Shadow of Mordor with something similar to the Nemesis system in your interactions with characters”

JUDAS - Geoff Plays Ken Levine's New Game in Boston

From Ryan McCaffrey of IGN: “This constant push and pull is at the heart of Judas’s player-driven narrative, and it means that no two playthroughs are ever likely to be the same. That’s the “narrative LEGOs” in action, and what we talk a lot about in the course of the interview.”

Judas Interview: How Ken Levine Is Building on BioShock With 'Narrative LEGOs'

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