It’s time to face the music, Dead By Daylight’s latest DLC pack, Curtain Call, now available on console

Celebrating the two-year anniversary of the popular survival-horror/survivor-killer game Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Digital has release the next DLC pack, Curtain Call, on consoles. This DLC pack will feature new survivor Kate Denson, a former singer, trapped in a nightmare with a new killer, The Clown.

In Curtain Call, The Clown will have the ability to use The Afterpiece Tonic, a powerful potion that emits a gas cloud when its bottle breaks emitting a gas cloud to intoxicate any survivors within a certain radius. These survivors will have impaired vision, reduced movement speed, and involuntary coughing for 1.5 seconds. The Afterpiece Tonic can be replenished by holding down the Active Ability button. The Clown also comes with three new perks: Bamboozle, which increases vault speed, Coulrophobia, which gives a penalty to the healing speed of healing survivors nearby, and Pop Goes the Weasel, which increases the regression of a generator after hooking a survivor.

Kate Denson brings her own trio of perks as well: Windows of Opportunity, which unlocks potential in a survivor’s aura reading ability, Boil Over, which increases struggling effects against killers, and Dance With Me, which allows her to perform a fast vault or leave a locker in a sprint without leaving scratch marks for a limited time.

The new in-game store has also arrived on consoles, allowing players to purchase new cosmetics for all characters in-game. Dead by Daylight’s Curtain Call DLC is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For more information, visit the official website.


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