It’s time to explore as Boy Beats World heads to PC this week

Duckbridge recently announced that it will release its rhythm-rpg Boy Beats World for PC on May 28. The game is inspired by the Zelda franchise and will allow players to explore a music-filled world in time to the music.

Hit the beats to beat the bots and have a little adventure. BOY BEATS WORLD is a top-down rhythm adventure game in which you preform actions on the beat of the music.

For whoever reads this message: I’m looking for humans…. real humans. You know, the ones that have soul!
Soultifity is the only thing that can save us right now. I hope. So I’m looking for someone that can feel the music.

Why you ask, well:
– You get to go on an adventure, with me! Daisybell.
– Enjoy the soothing beats by my good friend The Composer.
– Express yourself through the power of music.
– Liberate the 7 districts
– Destroy all the bot leaders
– Meet new people of all shapes and sizes.

Game info:
– Vibe to the music, missing a beat is not a big deal
– Unlock new moves and abilities
– Clear the overworld, dungeons and beat the bosses
– Use freestyle mode to play the entire game using your own rhythm

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