It’s time for a sonic boom in the Echoes of Alterac event for Heroes of the Storm

Can you hear them? The Echoes of Alterac event is now available in Heroes of the Storm, which also marks the debut of Warcraft hero Yrel in-game. Whether you support the Horde or the Alliance, you’ll be granted tons of in-game bonuses through multiple quests within the event.


The Warcraft universe has finally come to the Nexus with our Echoes of Alterac event and the arrival of an all-new Warcraft hero, Yrel. Yrel, the first Draenei to enter the Nexus, is a melee warrior who’s always ready for battle.

You can test your mettle in the epic Echoes of Alterac event, where you will declare your support for the Horde or for the Alliance. Once you choose your side, you can win Heroes, Portraits, Banners, and Mounts through a series of quests.

Check out the official site for more details, catch the new gallery above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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