It’s the end of an era with Assassin’s Creed Uprising Finale hitting comic shops tomorrow

Titan Comics has announced that the physical release of the third and final volume of the Assassin’s Creed Uprising comic series will hit comic shops and bookstores tomorrow. The volume is the first physical release of the collected pages, and will culminate the original saga of Assassin’s Creed.

The Phoenix Project saga reaches its heady climax in this final chapter of Assassin’s Creed Uprising. Time has run out for our modern day Assassins! With a new world order on the horizon, Charlotte and her cell are faced with the biggest threat the Brotherhood has ever encountered as they race to halt the impending resurrection of the Isu deity Juno, her fanatical acolytes, and their plans for global domination.

Written by Alex Paknadel (Doctor Who Arcadia, Turncoat) and Dan Watters (Limbo, Dark Souls), Assassin’s Creed Uprising Finale is the final chapter of the Phoenix Project saga and sees the Assassins finally confront Juno in her human form.

This story was not available as physical comic issues, the only way to experience this hotly anticipated finale in print is in this fantastic graphic novel, which also includes exclusive character sketches, storyboards and pinups.

Check out a preview of the first eight pages above, read up on our review of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and stay tuned for more comic and manga news here on Gaming Trend.

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