It’s me, Goku – Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot receives new DLC June 11

On June 11, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will receive its third and final DLC drop, Trunks: The Warrior of Hope. This DLC has you play as Trunks and Gohan as they try to stop the villainous Androids and Cell in Trunks’ future. In this story, Trunks trains under Gohan to become strong enough to thwart their enemies before they travel to the past and interfere with the Dragon Ball timeline. Typically in the Dragon Ball Z story, Trunks ends up traveling back in time first to warn the others of the threat posed by the Androids as well as Cell, but this DLC promises a new story, a different world, and a new ending to the old story. Even though the mainline Dragon Ball story has moved well past the Dragon Ball Z era, it is always nice to see more storytelling that takes place during this time period. Check out the trailer below:

DRAGON BALL Z: Kakarot – DLC 3: Launch Trailer

The story here looks surprisingly heartfelt, something that is not always true when it comes to non-canon storytelling in the Dragon Ball universe. For an in-depth review of the base game, check out what we had to say about it. If you are looking to gain access to DLC 3, the season pass for DBZ: Kakarot is available for purchase for $24.99. It grants access to all 3 DLC drops along with an extra in-game item.

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