It means no worries – Planet Zoo receives Africa DLC pack and new update

On June 22, Planet Zoo will receive a free update as well as a new DLC pack featuring over 180 new pieces of scenery inspired by the architecture of North Africa. New animals including the meerkat, fennec fox, african penguin, southern white rhino and sacred scarab beetle will also be introduced in the Africa Pack.

Planet Zoo: Africa Pack | Announcement Trailer

Update 1.6 will bring a range of improvements to the game including behavior updates, habitat webcams, vista points and a Timed Scenario set in Guatemala.

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Packed full of new content for zookeepers to test their skills, Planet Zoo: Africa Pack introduces a selection of extraordinary animals to game. The sociable Meerkat – a sought after fan favourite sure to delight guests as they create their tunnel homes using an authentic new digging behaviour; the endearing Fennec Fox, whose small stature and enormous ears help it to stay cool on the African plains; the amazing African Penguin, whose fun side comes out to play with the new Disco Ball enrichment item; and the striking Southern White Rhinoceros.

Alongside the four new habitat animals available in Planet Zoo: Africa Pack, is the Sacred Scarab Beetle exhibit animal. Zoo guests will watch in amazement as these impressive insects roll their signature dung balls.

In addition to this exciting range of creatures, players can unleash their creativity with over 180 new pieces of scenery inspired by the colourful architecture of North Africa. Zookeepers can use everything from mudbrick, vivid mosaic tiles, brightly painted benches, and a wide range of new foliage, including tall green palm trees, to create immersive experiences for their guests as they take in the continent’s rich culture.

Also included in the pack is a brand new timed scenario, which unfolds in a secluded oasis bazaar. Things could get heated, as players work to solve problems and transform a struggling attraction into the perfect environment for both animals and guests.

Planet Zoo: Africa Pack launches alongside a free base-game update that brings a range of extras and improvements. This includes behaviour updates, habitat webcams, vista points and a free Timed Scenario set in gorgeous Guatemala.

The Africa Pack will release on June 22 on Steam for a retail price of $9.99. Click here to see what we had to say about Planet Zoo’s base experience.

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