Ingress Prime is now live worldwide

Niantic Labs, best known as the creators of Pokémon GO, have released an update to their flagship title, Ingress. Ingress Prime is a location-based game has received multiple user interface and usability updates, a graphic overhaul, and the story, which involves two factions fighting for control of the planet by taking control of and defending portals, has been made more accessible.

Ingress Prime focuses around XM, a strange energy which powers portals, and a secret conspiracy to control humanity. The location of these portals will be familiar to Pokémon GO players, as their locations were used to create Pokéstops and gyms inside of GO. Payers, who choose to align with either the Resistance or the Enlightened upon joining the game, fight to capture and defend portals, linking them up to earn experience points, and to create zones of power for their respective team. It’s even got its own anime, which will be coming to America via Netflix in 2019.


Ingress initially released in 2013 for Android devices, with iOS version coming the following year, and has been downloaded eight million times, as of 2015. The new update brings a number of functionality and quality of life improvements, many of which came from Niantic’s experience with Pokémon GO. Ingress Prime is free to play and available on both iOS and Android. You can learn more at the official website, and veterans of the game can check out this video to learn about the new features of the Ingress Prime scanner.

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