I love the way you make me feel – The Way Remastered to be released this month on Switch

SONKA has announced that it will release an enhanced version of Puzzling Dream’s The Way to the Nintendo Switch on April 20. Entitled The Way Remastered, the platform-puzzler will have a pre-order discount for those who want to purchase the game early on April 12 on the eShop.

The Way Remastered tells a story about a member of space explorers team who lost his beloved and cannot accept her death. During one of his expeditions he discovers ancient writings that testify the existence of a method for obtaining eternal life. Hoping to get his beloved back, he decides to return to the alien planet. However, the planet hides many secrets and dangers that he must face.

When porting The Way for Nintendo Switch, we decided that the game deserves more love and that’s why it is now called Remastered. We cooperated with the original game’s creator, Puzzling Dream studio, to share a similar vision for improving the game. With added voice-over and HD Rumble, improved level design and graphics, and removed bugs, we are really proud of how it turned out.

The game will also include some game and level design changes based off of feedback from the original game. Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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