Hybrid FPS and strategic builder VR game Out of Ammo now available for PlayStation VR

Today, Zen Studios announced that the PlayStation version of the widely popular on PC VR game, Out of Ammo, is now available. This game is developed by RocketWerkz, the company founded by Dean Hall, the creator of Day Z.

In Out of Ammo, the play will decide where to place fortifications on troops, preparing the battlefield to be in their favor. Afterwards, the player will take control of the identities of any soldier on the battlefield including one that operates a machinegun from the front lines or executes sniper blasts from watchtowers. The player will also have the ability to switch between first-person shooter perspective and a bird’s-eye perspective.

There are five different units to control: the Rifleman, the Sniper, the Rocketeer, the Medic, and the Engineer. Each of these units comes with their own unique traits. There are even special mission modes the player can choose to do entirely in first person:

  • Overwatch: You are a sniper providing watch over a downed helicopter, Your goal is to protect the evacuees from your position at a clock tower.
  • Icarus: After crash-landing, search for ammo by teleporting around and use flares and torches to highlight inbound enemies. You have to survive until your rescue team arrives.
  • Vertigo: While waiting for your helicopter to rescue you, you must hold of attackers with your shotgun while finding time to hack a computer atop a skyscraper.

Out of Ammo is available now on PlayStation 4 via PlayStation VR. For more information, visit the official website.


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