Hoverloop launches into open beta this weekend with an update that adds online play

Not a Company and Cronos Interactive will be hosting an open beta for their drone shooter Hoverloop this weekend. This will begin alongside an update that adds online private lobbies for multiplayer.

Also coming to Hoverloop for the open beta is an update that adds new features and polish to the game. Chief among these are private online lobbies for multiplayer and brand new announcers that shoutcast matches. Players can now select a custom dogtag in the garage which will be displayed on the billboards whenever they become the current best player during a match. The Mine map has also been revamped with new environmental effects, hazards, and visuals. Weaponry and movement controls have also been tuned. Guns are now hitscan instead of projectile-based and the movement has been tightened up, across the ground and mid-air. Other improvements include better AI for bots, an updated tutorial, and a slew of new visual effects.

The open beta for Hoverloop will run from 6AM PDT on August 31st to 6AM PDT on September 1st. For more information on Hoverloop, visit the game’s Steam page.

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