Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt gets a teaser ahead of a SGF blow-out

Indie developer CMD:Studio has announced that they have officially rebranded to Villainous Games Studio.  They also took the opportunity to unveiled a teaser for their newest nightmare entitled Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt.  This survival horror roguelite will get some additional detail on June 5th at the Summer Games Fest, but until then, let’s take a look at what we do know.

The village of Luna Nova is cursed by the looming shadow of the Devourer. The appointed Warden must use stealth, strategy, and handcrafted tools in order to survive against the emerging horrors of each night. Will you rise as the village’s salvation, or become the next victim of an endless hunt?

Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt is a single-player stealth survival horror game that blends the replayability of roguelites with the tension found across the horror genre. Each night of the hunt delivers a unique, terrifying experience which requires strategic execution, a steady heartbeat, and a keen instinct for survival.

The village of Luna Nova is cursed, and the community’s only hope of survival rests within the hands of the appointed Warden. Scavenge the cornfields for precious ambrosia in order to find salvation for you and your community. But of course, you are not the only one harvesting. Sacrifice health to gain helpful tools against the dreadful Devourer, cling onto the safety of the shadows, and pray this night is not your last.

Strategic decision making and adaptability are the key to survival. The draw of the cards may bring otherworldly abilities, good fortune, and modifiers that affect both the environment and the Devourer. Build a deck catered to your strengths and the challenges that await. Be wary as the moonlight hits the dense cornfields, as each night brings new horrors to face.

From the Devourer’s unearthly sounds to Luna Nova’s non-linear environment, become immersed in a bone-chilling atmosphere. Get lost in the darkness as you crawl through dense cornfields, unaware of what lies in the shadows ready to strike.


  • Stealth: Gameplay that focuses on sneaking, hiding, and creeping in the darkness as you find your way around the dangerous cornfields of Luna Nova.
  • Survival: Sacrifice health to gain helpful tools, face Luna Nova’s hostile environment, and harvest precious resources for the survival of your village all while confronting a monster vastly stronger than you.
  • Strategy: Risk-and-reward situations encourage smart decision-making, adaptability, and countering different elements with appropriate tools and strategies.
  • Roguelite: Play over multiple 10-15 minute runs and tailor your deck by choosing tools that counter each night’s randomized challenges.
  • Narrative: Embody a colorful cast of characters, piecing together their stories, personalities, and the truth of Luna Nova’s curse through the fragments of the villagers’ past.
Horror Stories: Harvest Hunt - Rebrand Teaser

We’ve also got a short teaser trailer that sets the tone, but just whets the appetite for that June 5th showcase.  We’ll be on site, so expect some eyes-on updates for this title when we see it for ourselves.

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