Hop behind the wheel in Pacific Drive a few weeks ahead of its official launch in a newly released demo

Pacific Drive may not release until February 22nd, but a demo is now available for those who can’t wait to get their road trip started. The demo, which is releasing as part of the Steam Next Fest, allows players to hop into a station wagon and follow some mysterious voices on your radio as you explore the Pacific Northwest, now full of radiation and dangerous anomalies. You can learn more along with where to download the demo below:

LONDON (Feb. 5, 2024) – Pack your gear up for a road trip you may not come back from as Pacific Drive cruises into the Steam Next Fest. Available on Steam now, this demo offers players a chance to get behind the wheel before the hotly anticipated survival action title launches on Feb. 22

Access the demo here:

Sealed off for decades by the US Government, the Olympic Exclusion Zone has become a twisted and mysterious visage of the Pacific Northwest, full of radiation and dangerous anomalies. Trapped inside its 400-meter walls with only your trusty station wagon and wits to protect you, chart excursions out into the constantly shifting landscape, scavenging what materials you can and building up your own toolkit of protective measures while seeking a way out and answers to the mysteries found within. In the demo available as part of the Steam Next Fest, explore the opening of Pacific Drive and its first intriguing mission ahead of its launch.

With a station wagon as your mobile base and mysterious voices on the radio guiding you, you’ll turn this car into a formidable force. From simple repairs to tricked out gadgets, you’ll do this from the comfort of your garage, the only place providing safe haven and where you’ll get to know every inch of your car during your time in the Pacific Northwest.

A physical edition distributed by Maximum Games will be available from select retailers from April 9. A Digital Deluxe Edition is also available from Feb. 22 and contains various items to customize your station wagon with including a space shuttle themed decal kit, custom glow in the dark stars decal kit, wishing star antennae, Laika the Space Pup bobblehead and more. Full details are available from this link.

Pacific Drive is available now to pre-order on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store and launches on February 22, 2024. To find out more, visit:

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