Hive Jump makes the leap to Switch, Xbox One next month

Today, Graphite Lab announced that it will release its run-and-gun game Hive Jump to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on January 11, where it will join the released PC and Wii U versions of the game. The game will also include up to four-player multiplayer for those that want to bust some alien scum with friends.

Independent video game developer Graphite Lab announced plans to bring its indie co-op pixel art game Hive Jump to Nintendo Switch™ and Xbox One.  The sci-fi video game – to be released on Jan. 11, 2019 – will be available via digital distribution in both North America and European Union (EU).

Hive Jump is the first original IP video game created by Graphite Lab.  The run-and-gun 2D platformer is for one to four players who control space marines called Jumpers.  Each player’s quest:  to kill hive-dwelling aliens, avoid the labyrinth’s subterranean traps, collect powerful alien goo, and defeat the hive queen in order to save the galaxy.

Graphite Lab previously released Hive Jump on Steam and on Wii U™ as part of a Kickstarter campaign.  Nearly 2,000 backers pledged over $60,000 to the campaign, which was completed in the Fall of 2014.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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