High-seas pirate battles in VR, Battlewake announced with closed beta signups

Survios, developers of VR titles such as Raw Data and Creed: Rise to Glory, have announced their next greatest adventure: a VR high-seas pirate game, Battlewake. In addition, closed beta signups have begun on the Survios website.

Battlewake transforms you into four fearsome, super-powered Pirate Lords locked in a constant struggle for dominion over the lush landscapes of New Urth. Each is a figure of myth and might, fiercely devoted to their plundering way of life and the riches it brings in both spirit and treasure. You’ll find out more about each Pirate Lord’s unique backstory and magics in future features!

In the heat of battle, along with captaining an upgradable ship stocked with weapons such as flak cannons, chain cannons, ballistae, mortars, and axe-throwers, you can also channel the Pirate Lords’ ancient powers to stir up exhilarating and devastating chaos. Turn the tide in your favor with massive ultimates: unleash mighty tsunamis, send enemies’ ships flying in maelstroms, destroy hulls with bone spikes, and literally release the Kraken.

There are several modes to enjoy in Battlewake including a 20-chapter long campaign that can be played solo or in co-op, more co-op objectives in Warfare Mode, and a free-for-all deathmatch in Plunder mode.

Battlewake will be released this summer with a closed beta happening prior to the game’s launch. It’ll be available on PC via Steam for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Visit the game’s Steam page for more information.

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