HexGaming reveals brand new style of PS5 Pro controller – The Phantom – Kickstarter is now live

HexGaming has been around for a moment. In fact, I reviewed their custom controller a few years ago, fitted with HexGaming’s own ExtremeRate accessories. Now, the team has their sights on a different kind of controller, and this one is fully kitted as a full original rather than a modded controller. The Hex Phantom looks fantastic, and the Kickstarter is up now. They’ve already raised enough for the project, but even better, there is an early bird discount still available ($189.99). Go and get yours now at this link!

The ultimate gaming experience. It’s what we’re all chasing. We want to start our games and get lost in them for a while — without clumsy controls holding us back. At HEXGAMING, that’s what we want too. But the current options for controllers make it hard to realize this aspiration. So, we decided to make one.

Pooling our years of experience in delivering modified and customized gaming controllers, we’re hoping to make the kind of controller we always wanted to use. One that makes every action precise, seamless, and intuitive. But every type of game has its own demand for ideal button configurations and adjustments. So, what we need is a controller that can match every scenario.

Imagined for incredible performance, we’re making the PHANTOM controller as adaptive and customizable as possible. We want everything from the thumbsticks and back buttons, to the trigger style to be adjustable at any time and incredibly versatile. Back us on Kickstarter, and help us make a controller that can meet the demands of virtually any gamer a reality.

4 remappable rear buttons will let you take your gaming to the limit. Keep your thumbs on the sticks at all times for intense multi-player sessions or simply increase your versatility and comfort for casual gaming. The smoothly integrated buttons will provide ergonomic comfort and tactile use, delivering a premium control experience. Personalize your control settings and find the ideal configurations with up to 15 assignable buttons for simple and straightforward control in any game. We’ve also come up with an idea to keep your thumbsticks at pinpoint accuracy and combat the bane of every gamer – Stick Drift.

How Stick Drift Affects Your Game

When stick drift occurs, your game character may start moving or looking around without any input from you. This unintentional movement can be seen in games as your character slowly drifting to one side or your aim shifting without control. Such drift is often caused by slight deviations in the joystick’s resting position.

What Our DRIFIX Module Can Do

The DRIFIX module is designed to address and correct stick drift, ensuring your joysticks remain accurate and responsive.

With our DRIFIX module, you can easily adjust and correct joystick deviations within a range of 0.12 units. This precise calibration ensures that your joystick returns to its central position, eliminating drift and restoring full control.

What Our DRIFIX Module Can’t Do

DRIFIX corrects deviations within 0.12 units but can’t fix severe potentiometer damage. If deviations are too large, even with centering, the joystick may not reach full range values. In such cases, replace the joystick module.

DRIFIX also can’t repair physical damage, electrical malfunctions, or incompatibility issues. Knowing these limits helps set realistic expectations for our DRIFIX Module.

How to Use Our DRIFIX Module

With our DRIFIX module and a calibration tool (that we’ll naturally include) you’re able to manually adjust your thumbsticks’ offset at any time to keep your gaming smooth, accurate, and enjoyable.

Customize your thumbsticks to match your play style for faster target acquisition, smoother movement, or more flexible control with 4 types to choose from. Effortlessly change your stick height, textures, and shape in seconds to push your gaming to its zenith.

We’ve got 4 types of joystick combos in mind, to offer the versatility for any play style.

2 Concave Regular: Make your thumbsticks more tactile with improved grip.
2 Concave Extended Length & Width: Extra length and width for increased comfort and performance.
2 Domed Extended Length: Boosted height and raised surface for more detailed reaction.
1 Domed Regular + 1 Concave Regular & Extended Width: Fine-tune your high precision control and maintain standard stability.

You shouldn’t have to choose a between a controller that has adaptive triggers or one that uses digital triggers. Get access to both with the PHANTOM.

Tweak your trigger pull to suit your game by instantly toggling from adaptive, to digital, and back. Enjoy full haptic feedback for adventure games or detailed acceleration control in adaptive trigger mode or switch to digital trigger mode for 1.5mm trigger pulls that give you a massively increased rate of fire for FPS games.

We want to make it easy to switch between games and make your back paddles even more versatile. Phantom will let you create up to 6 customizable mapping profiles, to easily switch between different buttons mappings on the fly. Moreover, you’ll be able to see at a glance which profile you’re using with a multi-color LED indicator for easy seamless control in any type of game you play. An ergonomic design with anti-slip material will make the PHANTOM your best choice for gaming marathons. Comfortable materials help you keep a firm grasp of your controller while providing remarkable comfort, durability, and stability so you can game and keep gaming with no problems.

Phantom will let you take your gaming beyond your console and keep your performance at a premium. Get phenomenal control on your desktop, laptop, or even mobile device thanks to the PHANTOM’s broad compatibility. Perfect for enjoying an FPS, beat ‘em up, or racing game on any device.

HEX PHANTOM comes in four striking color variants:
Dream Blue for a futuristic and calming look
Shadow Gray for a sleek and stealthy vibe
Chaos Black for a bold and powerful aesthetic
Vision White for a clean and modern feel

Stay tuned to GamingTrend for more HexGaming and Hex Phantom controller news and info!

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