Here’s what’s included in the Season 3 BlackCell & battle pass for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III & Warzone

Crazy to think the drops keep getting bigger, and that applies to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone’s battle pass and bundles as well. Snoop Dogg, Cheech and Chong, Godzilla, and more are coming, and there’s more beyond just operators. There’s a new sniper, blueprints, and so on, and all of the cool stuff is listed below, straight from the Call of Duty Blog. Check it out along with the new trailer above.

From tacti-cool to straight dope, Season 3 has it all as new Battle Pass, BlackCell, and Store content arrives for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® IIICall of Duty: Warzone™, and the recently released Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.

The Season 3 Battle Pass features over 100 rewards, including new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, base weapons, and more. Purchase the full Battle Pass and earn up to 1,400 COD Points as you progress through the Sectors, or purchase BlackCell for the ultimate content payout with a variety of high-tech, digital-themed Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, Battle Token Tier Skips, CP, and other exclusive rewards.

Read on for a deep dive into the epic Battle Pass content launching with Season 3, starting with BlackCell’s premium offering.

BlackCell Season 3

Get technical with Season 3’s BlackCell offering, featuring the latest in cybernetic advancements with digitized glyph patterns, gilded tattoos, and golden glitch-wear across a variety of Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and more.

The Battle Pass: Upgrade to BlackCell for full access to the Season 3 Battle Pass along with 1,400 CP, 6 Tracer Weapon Blueprints, 11 Reactive Operators, 20 Battle Token Tier Skips (25 on PlayStation®); a value of over 7,000 CP. The full Battle Pass includes up to 1,400 earnable COD Points within 100 Tiers of unlockable content from Battle Pass progress.

BlackCell Sector: Overview

Drop into the Battle Pass AO at an alternative starting location by accessing the exclusive BlackCell Sector. Unlock this Sector to immediately receive 1,100 COD Points, the new “Stasis” BlackCell Operator, and the following:

The animated “All That Glitters BlackCell” BAS-B Battle Rifle Weapon Blueprint featuring streaming glyphs and a glowing blue barrel along with Async Tracers and the “Desync Dismemberment” Death Effect. Also get the “Double Barrel Disrespect” Operator Finishing Move and the “Aggressive Action” Frag Grenade Blueprint.

Other BlackCell-only items are spread throughout the Season 3 Battle Pass. These include 11 BlackCell Variant Operator Skins and six BlackCell Variant Weapon Blueprints.

BlackCell Operator Skins confirmed: Stasis, Makarov (x2), Snoop Dawg, Swagger, Ripper, Doc, Riptide, Banshee, Corso, Byline, and Hush.

Players who upgrade to BlackCell after purchasing the Battle Pass will also receive bonus 1,100 COD Points.

Engage in Digitized Warfare with BlackCell’s Stasis

Enveloped by streaming glyphs, nano drones, and a fully animated black and gold bodysuit, Stasis is prepared to take on the most technical of foes while maintaining anonymity with a full-face mask, leaving only enough room for her twin braids as a calling card.

Stasis is backed up by a roster of digitized soldiers, donning the finest in black and gold tacti-cool apparel.

Purchase the Battle Pass: Instantly Unlock Snoop Dogg II, Dominus

Whether you purchase the BlackCell offering or the full Battle Pass for 1,100 COD Points, the Instant Reward Sector becomes available, including two infamous Operators.

Snoop Dogg II (SpecGru, Battle Pass Instant Reward)

Smoke out the competition as the Doggfather himself returns as “Snoop Dogg II” for his Modern Warfare III debut! Sporting a black and blue tactical fit with shades and cornrows, the legendary rapper and media icon is ready to blaze a trail of destruction against foes high and low.

BlackCell Owners: You also unlock the “Snoop Dawg” BlackCell Operator Skin, transforming Snoop into a literal interpretation of the Doggfather.

Makarov – Dominus (KorTac, Battle Pass Instant Reward)

Free and on the loose, the nefarious Vladimir Makarov makes his mark with renewed operations against Urzikstan, with recent sightings of the ultranationalist on the remote Rebirth Island, too. In his “Dominus” Operator Skin, Makarov retains his sharp style while remaining viable across a variety of combat situations.

BlackCell Owners: You also unlock the “Makarov – Dominus BlackCell” Operator Skin, favoring a more concealed though highly menacing look.

The Instant Reward Sector also grants you a 10% Battle Pass boost, the “Hope Breaker” Weapon Blueprint for the BAS-B Battle Rifle, and the “Tactical Pet: D-O-Double-G” Operator Finishing Move, featuring a brutal K-9 takedown.

Additional Battle Pass Skins

Complete the Battle Pass Sectors to unlock a variety of new Operator Skins, all of which come paired with an animated BlackCell alternate Skin featuring vertical glyph streams:

“Akuma” Skins (Operator Skin, Swagger, Sector 2)

Battle Pass Skin: Swagger gets tacti-cool with aviator shades, tattoos, slacks and dress shoes combined with a sleek windbreaker and flak jacket.

BlackCell Additional Skin: True to his name, Swagger dons gilded tattoos, a face mask, and prominent dragon designs on his flak jacket.

“Corsair” Skins (Operator Skin, Ripper, Sector 5)

Battle Pass Skin: In this no-frills military getup, Ripper favors practicality and mobility while still retaining an unmatched style.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Exchange the standard military garb for modernized tactical apparel complimented by golden shades, a scarf, tattoos, and gloves.

“Cardinal” Skins (Operator Skin, Doc, Sector 7)

Battle Pass Skin: Gear up with a headband and camouflaged cape over all-weather gear and boots.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Pull up the gold-emblazoned hood of Doc’s cape along with gilded metal and imprinted glyphs.

“Scalpel” Skins (Operator Skin, Riptide, Sector 10)

Battle Pass Skin: Conceal your identity with a scrim net while showing off full-sleeve tattoos with a tank top and flak jacket over digital camo pants.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Add golden ink to Riptide’s tattoos for a fierce look accompanied by goldthreads intertwined with his scrim net.

“Banshee” Skins (Operator Skin, Banshee, Sector 13)

Battle Pass Skin: Banshee is ready to lead KorTac’s forces with a headset and mic paired with a Konni Group jacket, digital camo pants, and boots.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Add a helmet with a golden visor to Banshee’s mic setup along with additional gilded flair throughout her uniform.

“Cask” Skins (Operator Skin, Corso, Sector 16)

Battle Pass Skin: Deploy with a headset and balaclava for discrete combat operations, coupled with a full sleeve Konni Group jacket and black pants and boots.

BlackCell Additional Skin: While still unrecognizable, Corso is bound to stand out in a crowd with a golden face mask and gloves.

“Saboteur” Skins (Operator Skin, Byline, Sector 18)

Battle Pass Skin: Byline prepares for technological warfare with a robot on her back, goggles, and a controller along with camouflaged tactical gear.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Byline adds a black and gold paintjob to the robot and goggles, with gold-inked tattoos for extra style.

Also expect two further Skins (each with a BlackCell variant) once you finish the Battle Pass and unlock the Completion Sector (detailed below).

New Functional Weapons

Unlock three new functional weapons in Sectors 4, 8, and 15:

MORS Sniper Rifle (Sector 4, HVT, Free)*

This single-load railgun delivers a high-damage payload with excellent velocity and penetration.

Boasting a high rate of fire and great bullet velocity, the MORS railgun is ideal for sharpshooters across a variety of combat situations. Though offering lower mobility compared to other Sniper Rifles, its sheer power is evident in the electrical current blasting over its body after every shot.

(*MORS Sniper Rifle, its weapon blueprints and certain other content not available for use in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile at the start of the Season. We will update the community at a later date, when this weapon becomes available in that game.)

FJX Horus SMG (Sector 8, HVT, Free)

An ultra-compact SMG with best-in-class CQC damage and mobility.

Boasting fantastic mobility and handling along with a lightning quick reload speed, the FJX Horus is ideal for rapid, close-ranged engagements. Close the distance for optimal damage output and utilize its breakneck swap speed to switch between weapons without missing a beat.

Gladiator Melee (Sector 15, HVT, Free)

A compact, concealable punch knife that was initially used by gamblers and politicians.

What the Gladiator lacks in range, it more than makes up for with excellent mobility, handling, and damage output. They’ll never see it coming as you move in for the elimination with more than just your knuckles at work.

New Weapon Blueprints

The Season 3 Battle Pass features 20 Weapon Blueprints along with a variety of Calling Cards, Weapon Charms, Decals, Stickers, Emblems, Finishing Moves, COD Points, and Zombies Acquisitions (including Ammo Mods, Perk-a-Colas, Aether Tools, Raw Aetherium Crystals, and a Weapon Case).

Weapon Blueprints

The Season 3 Battle Pass Weapon Blueprints represent a variety of visual themes, including the following themes:

Wood and Yellow

Sector 1: “Steely Gaze” Lockwood 300 Shotgun*

Sector 5: “Sworn Blade” TAQ Eradicator LMG

Sector 10: “Bladed Praise” DG-58 LSW LMG

Sector 11: “Blade Eater” TAQ Evolvere LMG*

Sector 20: “Gleaned Slash” FJX Horus SMG*

This series of Weapon Blueprints feature intricate yellow designs over the body with wooden stocks and handles from the rugged to pristine with inlaid patterns.

Koi Fish Tattoo

Sector 2: “KOI Maneuver” Tyr Handgun

Sector 14: “Live Line” HRM-9 SMG and “Sealed Fate” KATT-AMR Sniper Rifle*

Sector 17: “Situational Hazard” MORS Sniper Rifle*

Sector 18: “Don’t Be KOI” Pulemyot 762 LMG

Adopt the strength and courage of the koi with these Weapon Blueprints featuring detailed inlays of the popular fish.

Camo Topography

Sector 3: “Knight’s Errand” Soulrender Melee

Sector 6: “Magnetic Impulse” SOA Subverter Battle Rifle

Sector 7: “Fugitive” Lockwood 680 Shotgun

Sector 9: “Planned Expiry” SP-R 208 Marksman Rifle and “Veil Breaker” BAS-B Battle Rifle*

Sector 16: “Walking Contradiction” BP50 Assault Rifle

Wield an assortment of models featuring a mix of camouflaged parts and inlaid topographical designs.

KOHHN: Black, Red and White

Instant: “Hope Breaker” BAS-B Battle Rifle

Sector 12: “Slick Dispatch” Holger 556 Assault Rifle

Sector 13: “Grim Renewal” SVA 545 Assault Rifle

Completion: “Fated” MTZ-762 Battle Rifle

Equip the high-tech KOHHN-themed series of Weapon Blueprints, featuring a sleek black and red style with white highlights

[* Denotes a Weapon Blueprint with a BlackCell variant, detailed below]

Weapons with Additional BlackCell Blueprints

This season’s digital BlackCell aesthetic can be found across seven Weapon Blueprints in the Season 3 Battle Pass, including the following six Blueprints that feature both a regular and BlackCell variant within the same tier. Both versions feature the same attachments, so swap between them at will without disrupting your playstyle.

Steely Gaze — Lockwood 300 Shotgun (Sector 1, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Async Tracers and “Desync” Death Effect.

Deploy with the rugged version featuring carved wood and a yellow-taped handle, customized with a wider pellet spread and improved reload quickness. The BlackCell variant fires hot at the barrel with glowing geometric patterns.

Veil Breaker — BAS-B Battle Rifle (Sector 9, BlackCell Alternate Option)

The BlackCell variant grants the “Shaped Fate BlackCell” WSP-9 SMG Blueprint, customized for stealth strikes and featuring Async Tracers and “Desync” Death Effect.

Stay firmly on target while striking from the shadows with this Battle Pass Weapon Blueprint that’s undetectable by radar with a 2.5x magnification Optic, a 40-round Magazine, and enhanced horizontal and vertical recoil control. Equip its BlackCell variant for an SMG with a geometric black and gold design.

Blade Eater — TAQ Evolvere LMG (Sector 11, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Async Tracers and “Desync” Death Effect.

Suppress enemy forces without giving up your position using this carved wood and worn Weapon Blueprint featuring a 100-round belt-fed Magazine, the Shadowstrike Suppressor, and improved recoil control. Trade its worn appearance for a high-tech modern look using the BlackCell variant.

Sealed Fate — KATT-AMR Sniper Rifle (Sector 14, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Async Tracers and “Desync” Death Effect.

Vaporize your opponents with this hard-hitting, koi-inlaid Sniper Rifle equipped with a suppressor, improved bullet velocity and rechambering speed, a .50 Cal Spire Point Rounds. Equip the BlackCell variant for a more opulent alternative.

Situational Hazard — MORS Sniper Rifle (Sector 17, BlackCell Alternate Option)*

BlackCell variant comes with Async Tracers and “Desync” Death Effect.

Take the new Season 3 MORS Sniper Rifle into the thick of it with a close-ranged dot sight Optic and the new Photonic Charge Barrel, allowing for high-energy projectiles. Opt for the BlackCell variant for a richer version of the powerful railgun.

(*MORS Sniper Rifle, its weapon blueprints and certain other content not available for use in Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile at the start of the Season. We will update the community at a later date, when this weapon becomes available in that game.)

Gleaned Slash — FJX Horus SMG (Sector 20, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Async Tracers and “Desync” Death Effect.

Based on the new Season 3 SMG, this Weapon Blueprint greatly bolsters target tracking by pairing muzzle flash concealment with improved recoil and gun kick control. For a more gilded look, take the BlackCell variant into your next battle.

Complete the Battle Pass for Completion Sector Tier 100 Rewards

Complete 100% of the map by conquering all Sectors to access the final Completion Sector, featuring 300 COD Points toward your next Battle Pass or Store Bundle purchase, the “Fated” MTZ-762 Battle Rifle Weapon Blueprint, the “Scoped and Loaded” Emblem, and the following Operator Skins:

“Fenrir” Skins for Makarov

Makarov takes on the mantle of the legendary wolf of Norse mythology, famed for his role in the world-ending battle of Ragnarök. With dripping fangs and glowing red eyes, this is one Operator you don’t want to cross paths with.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Vertical glyphs stream from the wolf’s golden eyes combined with gold-plated fangs, gilded highlights, and deep black tactical gear.

“Hush” Skins for the New Hush Operator

A former farmhand thrust into the chaos of war, Bashiir Shirwa began his journey toward battle as a security guard in the city of Mogadishu. He learned survival the hard way after suffering a near fatal slashing that left him with visible facial scars. Attracting the attention of a KorTac recruiter, he was soon enlisted as an international mercenary.

BlackCell Additional Skin: In his alternate BlackCell Skin, Hush displays the immense wealth he’s earned during his reign as a highly sought after mercenary.

Store Highlights: Cheech and Chong, Stoney Sloth, Big Brain, and More

Dive into an incredible assortment of Store Bundles arriving in Season 3, from the super chilled out to the terrifying and bizarre, including a special guest appearance from two legendary icons of the counterculture revolution. Here are just a few of the offerings on the way:

Tracer Pack: Cheech & Chong

Cheech Operator voiced by Cheech Marin.

Chong Operator voiced by Tommy Chong.

This massive Bundle featuring two icons of the counterculture revolution includes both the “Cheech” and “Chong” Operator Skins alongside three Weapon Blueprints featuring Still Smokin’ Tracers and the “Up In Smoke” Death Effect: the “Dankest” MTZ-556 Assault Rifle, the “Hashassin” HRM-9 SMG, and the “Mellow and Mild” Haymaker Shotgun.

Intoxicate foes with the “Secondhand Smoke” Finishing Move, the “Be Mellow” and “Cheech & Chong’s” Large Decals, the “Smoke Buds” Weapon Sticker, the “Iconic” and “Cheech and Chong’s Seltzer” Weapon Charms, and the “Blunt Buddies” Loading Screen.

Tracer Pack: Stoney Sloth

Slow it down and chill out with the “Feelin’ Slothy” Operator Skin for Price. Smoke your enemies with two Weapon Blueprints featuring Blazed Tracers and the “Ding Dong You’re Bonged” Death Effect: the “High Hitter” WSP Swarm SMG and the “Toke N’ Smoke” XRK Stalker Sniper Rifle.

Spread good vibes with the “Leafy Greens” Large Decal, the “Slow Rollin’” Weapon Sticker, the “Slow and Unsteady” Animated Emblem, and the “Let ‘Er Rip” Weapon Charm. Blaze through the tiers with an additional 1 Hour Double Battle Pass XP Token.

Tracer Pack: CODasaurus Ultra Skin

Try not to eat your enemies when deploying with the “Sickle” Operator Skin for Riptide, featuring a carnivorous dinosaur head and reptilian camouflage. Tear into enemies with two Weapon Blueprints featuring Slash Damage Tracers and the “Reptilian Rupture” Death Effect.

Reach millions of years back with the “Dino Pod” Weapon Charm, the “Primal Instinct” Animated Calling Card, the “Life Cycle” Animated Emblem, and the “Raptor Rage” Large Decal.

Tracer Pack: Big Brain Ultra Skin

Deploy as a brain in a bucket with “The Mind” Operator Skin for Corso, held up by cybernetic body parts with a half-length cape. Eliminate enemies using two Weapon Blueprints with Super Gooper Tracers: the “Brain Brine” Sidewinder Battle Rifle featuring the JAK Thunder LMG Kit Aftermarket Part, and the “Cranial Carver” Striker 9 SMG.

Display your brilliance with “The Nerve of That Guy” Large Decal, the “Wetware” Weapon Sticker, and the “My Eyes Are Down Here” Weapon Charm. This Bundle also includes a Battle Pass Tier Skip Token.

Tracer Pack: Horseman: Vi.Rus Ultra Skin

Appear as a dreaded robotic nightmare with the “Bacillus” Operator Skin for Ghost, featuring glowing red eyes over an electrifying helmet. Infect your opponents with two Weapon Blueprints featuring Trojan Tracers and the “Malware” Death Effect.

Show your evil side with the “Death Tally” Large Decal, the “Vile Vial” Weapon Sticker, and the “Infectious” Weapon Charm. This Bundle also includes a Flawless Aetherium Crystal for Zombies and a Battle Pass Tier Skip Token.

Tracer Pack: Killer Circus Freak Party Pack

Usher in a circus of chaos with the “Happy” Operator Skin for Enigma, instilling anything but in those unlucky enough to face against the terrifying visage. Riddle foes with laughter using two Weapon Blueprints with Carny Carnage Tracers: the “Funny Business” HRM-9 SMG and the “Joke’s On You” MTZ Interceptor Marksman Rifle.

Elevate the killer clown using the “Murderous Moppet” Large Decal, the “Circus Slasher” Weapon Sticker, and the “Some Required” Weapon Charm. Receive additional XP bonuses when you and your party play using Operator Skins from the Killer Bundle series, including Killer: Circus Freak, Killer: Porcelain, Killer: Serial Creep, and Killer: Bone Collector.

Tracer Pack: CyberJunkie Pro Pack

Jack into new virtual heights with the “Raider” Operator Skin for Swagger, featuring a highly advanced robotic helmet and heavy frontline armor. Eliminate enemies with the “Protosignal” MTZ-556 Assault Rifle and the “Worn Steel” KV Inhibitor Sniper Rifle Weapon Blueprints.

Show off your techno credentials with the “Closed-Circuit” Large Decal, the “Filmed Live” Weapon Sticker, and the “Back Cap” Weapon Charm. This Bundle brings exceptional value with the inclusion of a staggering 2400 COD Points!

Godzilla x Kong: New Empire Bundles

Plus, Complete the Godzilla x Kong Titan Collection: Following up the recently released Tracer Pack: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire — Kong Bundle, expect three more to arrive within Season 3, including the ShimoSkar King, and Godzilla variants.

The “Tracer Pack: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire – Godzilla” Bundle comes with the “Godzilla” Operator Skin, two Blueprints, a Charm, Loading Screen, Large Decal, and the “Feel the Heat Ray” Finishing Move.

The “Tracer Pack: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire – Skar King” Bundle comes with the “Ape” Operator Skin, two Blueprints, a Charm, Loading Screen, Large Decal, and the “Whiplashed Unleashed” Finishing Move.

The “Tracer Pack: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire – Shimo” Bundle features the “Shimo” Operator Skin, two Blueprints, a Charm, Flash Grenade Skin and effect, Loading Screen, Large Decal, and the “Frostbite Finish” Finishing Move.

Purchase all four to complete the Titan Collection and unlock the exclusive “B.E.A.S.T. Glove” Gladiator Skin Melee Weapon.

Modern Warfare III: Free Trial

For a limited time from April 4 until April 8, play Multiplayer and Modern Warfare Zombies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III for FREE.

Dive into Multiplayer in Call of Duty and check out the brand-new 6v6 map Emergency, along with five more 6v6 maps such as Das Haus, Stash House, and Rust — playable across five core modes, including Capture the Flag, new to Season 3. Plus, the free access offering includes not only Modern Warfare Zombies but also the MWIII mode Hordepoint, playable on reskinned maps like Tetanus, Satan’s Quarry, and Skidgrow. It’s time to rally the squad and leave no friend behind.

Upgrade to Modern Warfare III

Modern Warfare III celebrates the 20th anniversary of Call of Duty with one of the greatest collections of Multiplayer maps ever assembled, including modernized versions of all 16 launch maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009), plus the introduction of an all-new open-world Zombies and a Campaign that finds Task Force 141 facing off against the ultimate threat in Vladimir Makarov.

Stay frosty.

Stay tuned to GamingTrend for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone news and info!

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