Here’s what’s coming in The Haunting’s Season 6 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone battle pass

It may be the grand finale, but they’re going out with a bang. We already knew there was a ton of cool stuff incoming, like Ash from Evil Dead, but this season’s battle pass is even getting in on the action. Spawn himself is included, along with a bunch of other sweet items. Did we mention Valeria has an amazing BlackCell skin as well? Check the intel from the Call of Duty blog below, and get ready for the grind.

The antihero Spawn has arrived alongside a slew of hell-cursed adversaries, devastating weapons, and more in Season 06 of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II and Call of Duty: Warzone™.

The Haunting is fast approaching, its effects already felt throughout the Season 06 Battle Pass, featuring 100+ rewards, including three new functional weapons and Spawn himself.

Purchase the full Battle Pass for 1,100 COD Points to access all the Season 06 Battle Pass content, or get BlackCell for additional rewards, Battle Token Tier Skips, and more.

Read on for intel covering the incredible and terrifying content you’ll find in this season’s Battle Pass, starting with BlackCell’s premium offering.

BlackCell Season 06

Strike fear into your foes via advanced cybernetics with the Season 06 experience with BlackCell, featuring the following items and rewards:

·      Full access to the Season 06 Battle Pass, plus 20 Battle Token Tier Skips (25 on PlayStation®). The full Battle Pass includes 1,400 COD Points within 100 Tiers of unlockable content from Battle Pass progress.

·      The BlackCell Sector, including 1,100 COD Points; the new BlackCell Operator V4L3RIA and her Tactical Pet Megabyte; the “BlackCell Reckoner” Pro-Tuned Weapon Blueprint; and a BlackCell-themed Smoke Grenade Equipment Skin.

·      An exclusive BlackCell Sector within the Battle Pass AO serving as an alternative starting location.

  • Additional BlackCell-only Battle Pass content: 10 BlackCell Operator Skins, including one for new Operator Spawn, Al Simmons, Creepy Clown, Soul Crusher, Mil-Spawn, Tier 100 Spawn, and more; six animated Weapon Blueprints; and two Vehicle Skins.
  • Players who upgrade to BlackCell after purchasing the Battle Pass will also receive 1,100 COD Points back.

For more information on the value BlackCell brings, check out the dedicated blog here.

V4L3RIA Boots up BlackCell

Equipped with cybernetic enhancements for optimal battle performance, V4L3RIA represents the latest in Operator technology. A semi-transparent skin reveals the gold-plated arterial skeleton within, a BlackCell creation testing the limits of robotics research.

Little is known about V4L3RIA’s origins, but early tests of the model’s combat prowess confirm its high-performance lethality. Accompanying V4L3RIA is her robotic Tactical Pet, Megabyte. Equip Megabyte’s Finishing Move to trigger the robot dog’s devastating takedown when sneaking up on enemies.

Purchase the Battle Pass to Unlock Spawn Operator and Al Simmons Skin

“This is my fate. This is what I’ve chosen to be. This world and its shadows belong to me. I am Spawn.” — Al Simmons, Spawn Comic Vol. 1 #100

Whether you purchase the BlackCell offering or the standard Battle Pass for 1,100 COD Points, you will instantly unlock the Al Simmons Spawn Operator Skin as part of the Bonus Sector.

Al Simmons, the skilled assassin and military intelligence officer who would return to earth as Spawn after being betrayed, headlines the Season 06 Battle Pass.

The Bonus Sector also features the akimbo “Zombie’s Bane” Handgun Weapon Blueprint; the “Back From Hell” Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint featuring stabilized recoil and extended damage range; the “NecroClock” Gun Screen; and a 10% Battle Pass boost.

BlackCell owners will also unlock an alternate black and gold Al Simmons Spawn Operator Skin and the “Zombie’s Bane” Weapon Blueprint.

Additional Battle Pass Skins

Take on the appearance of Spawn’s worst enemies and most powerful allies with these additional Battle Pass Operator Skins.

“Creepy Clown” Skins for Fender (Sector F2, HVT)

Battle Pass Skin: The half-demon Violator taunts Spawn by taking on the appearance of a clown, mocking him with his sharp-toothed grin.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Creepy Clown trades in his grungy look for a slick leather jacket, gilded striped shirt, and gold on black face paint.

“Soul Crusher” Skins for Mila (Sector F6, HVT)

Battle Pass Skin: The enigmatic Soul Crusher employs noxious gasses to asphyxiate his victims into submission.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Along with new gold-plated kneepads, Soul Crusher’s BlackCell Skin features etched designs lining the ends of his sleeves and cape.

“Mil-Spawn” Skins for Spawn (Sector F8, HVT)

Battle Pass Skin: Spawn deploys in full tactical gear, combining lightweight armored plates with best-in-class mobility.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Switch from the classic black-and-white look to a menacing black-and-gold variant, the ideal skin while on a winning streak.

“Gaia” Skins for Nova (Sector F11, HVT)

Battle Pass Skin: Not part of the Spawn universe of entities, Gaia is an ancient goddess of considerable power, and uses her earthen form to inspire ruin in her enemies.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Gaia retains her flashing red eyes against a golden face and shoulders, and her body is composed of black twisting roots.

“Disruptor”  is for Horangi (Sector F12, HVT)

Battle Pass Skin: The crime lord responsible for the death and transformation of Al Simmons, Disruptor goes by many names and enters battle fully armored where it most counts.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Exchange Disruptor’s default armor for a golden variant worthy of his stature as crime lord.

“Burned Spawn” Skins for Spawn (Sector F15, HVT)

Battle Pass Skin: Before Al Simmons made his deal with the devil, he was deceived and burned alive. Deploy in this disfigured form of the antihero.

BlackCell Additional Skin: A golden pattern repeats over Spawn’s poncho, held together by a first-rate chain and skulls.

“Nikto Spawn” Skins for Nikto (Sector F17, HVT)

Battle Pass Skin: Nikto adopts Spawn’s style with a stylized ballistic mask and tactical gear.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Dispense with the military garb and get in your enemy’s face with this bombastic gold-and-black design.

“Violator” Skins for König (Sector F19, HVT)

Battle Pass Skin: The arrogant Violator approaches in a grotesque, demonic form in pursuit of Spawn.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Deploy as “death on two legs” in an elite version of this hell-born demon.

New Weapon HVTs

Unlock three new free functional weapons in Sectors F4, F7, and F18, respectively: the ISO 9mm SMG, the TR-76 Geist Assault Rifle, and the Dual Kamas Melee weapon.

ISO 9mm SMG (Sector F4, HVT, Free)

Sweep the battlefield clean with the high fire rate, maneuverability, and exceptional steadiness of this 9mm SMG.

The ISO 9mm excels at both close-quarters and mid-distance brawls. Its high fire rate, and top-notch recoil control allow for versatile, effective operations in most combat scenarios.

Use Gunsmith to customize the weapon to your needs by outfitting it with attachments that offer a deeper ammo reserve, more precise fire, extended damage range, and more. Experiment with different configurations across several Loadouts to home in on the best designs.

TR-76 Geist Assault Rifle (Sector F7, HVT, Free)

A bullpup assault rifle chambered in 7.62 x 39mm. Highly modular, this weapon system can be adapted to fit a wide range of tactics and combat scenarios.

The TR-76 Geist packs one hell of a punch, dealing solid damage at a moderate rate of fire. The weapon’s strong foundation allows for greater flexibility in attachment choice. Improve its damage profile with a longer Barrel to eliminate targets more efficiently at range or add a Laser and Underbarrel for close-quarters stability. For a wildly different combat experience, try the semi-auto attachment featuring major mobility boosts and high grain ammunition.

Dual Kamas (Sector F18, HVT, Free)

Cut down your enemies with each swing of these curved and deadly blades.

Grip a sickle-shaped blade in each hand and slice through your enemies. In close-quarters combat, they’re hard to beat, their quick handling and cutting power providing Operators a means to take down the worst of the hell-born invaders.

New Weapon Skin, Blueprints, Vehicle Skins

A terrifying look won’t do much if you don’t have the power to back it up. Get access to a screaming arsenal of Haunting-themed Weapon Blueprints and Vehicle Skins throughout the Season 06 Battle Pass.

New: Smoke Grenade Equipment Skin (Sector BC, Non-HVT)

Equip the new Smoke Grenade Equipment Skin to alter the item’s in-game visual effects. Replacing the traditional smoke effect, the BlackCell variant emits red smoke in the appearance of a snake.

Ghoulish — Shotgun (Sector F3, Non-HVT)

An electrifying addition to the battlefield, this Shotgun Blueprint has the bringer of death emblazoned on its frame.

The Pro-Tuned design favors semi-auto fire, an extended damage range, and a tighter pellet spread to extend your lethality into the midrange. Paired with the weapon’s naturally high ammo reserves, this one will see you through the wildest skirmishes.

Spawn Sketched — Assault Rifle (Sector F8, Non-HVT, Free)

In homage to the hell-cursed antihero, the “Spawn Sketched” Assault Rifle Blueprint features his characteristic black, red, and white colors in a visual pattern as striking as a comic book panel.

Customized with a precision sight picture, improved aiming stability, and recoil control, this Weapon Blueprint is ideal for aggressive midranged play.

Necroplasm — SMG (Sector F10, HVT)

Complete Sector F10 to earn the “Necroplasm” SMG Tracer Blueprint, a mean-looking weapon with animated inlays and chains held in place by skulls.

The weapon’s versatile design combines a precision sight picture with improved recoil control for steady firing off the hip and when aiming down sights. BlackCell owners will get an additional variant of the weapon, featuring an animated surface combined with black and gold highlights.

New Vehicle Skins: Instill fear in your opponents before you’ve even landed with the “All Dolled Up” Heavy Chopper Skin. This Sector F5 reward features creepy doll heads, the largest of which looks outward with an unsettling stare; BlackCell owners will also unlock the “Scorched Wind” Heavy Chopper skin, a fierce-looking bird with orange fiery stripes down its back.

Other Battle Pass Vehicle Skins include the “Spawn’s Wheels” LTV, the “Horror Circus” Cargo Truck, the “Skull Spider” Light Helo, the “By the Horns” Dirt Bike, and more.

Complete the Map for Victory Sector Tier 100 Rewards

Complete 100% of the map by conquering all Sectors to access the final Victory Sector, which features the following items:

“Spawn” Skins for Spawn

“Let there be no mistake. The king of hell is returned.” — Spawn, Spawn Comic Vol. 1 #120

Become the antihero himself in classic form, tasked with fighting back the Dark Ritual Operators intent on destroying Al Mazrah and Vondead.

BlackCell Additional Skin: In the BlackCell variant of this skin, Spawn trades his white for gold, resulting in a fitting look for the king of hell.

“Necro” Assault Rifle Blueprint

This five-attachment build highlights the versatility of the new Assault Rifle in the Battle Pass. In this configuration, a 45 Round Mag helps offset the weapon’s high fire rate, with other attachments improving its Aim Down Sights speed and flinch resistance for a snappy and sturdy weapon that’s as effective as it looks.

300 COD Points, Emblem and Calling Card

Reaching Tier 100 also unlocks the Season 06 animated Emblem, the “Sinister Spawn” Calling Card, and 300 COD Points to spend toward your next Battle Pass or Store Bundle purchase.

Store Highlights: The Gates of Hell Open

Celebrate Halloween and the Haunting with a formidable assortment of Store Bundles, featuring horror icons like Skeletor the Overlord of Evil, Diablo IV’s Lilith, and Inarius, as well as other characters from beloved franchises and beyond.

Tracer Pack: Skeletor (Overlord of Evil)

Available: October 17

Become the true Overlord of Evil with the Skeletor Bundle, featuring three versions of the Skeletor Operator Skin alongside the “Havoc” SMG and “Grayskull Key” LMG Weapon Blueprints featuring shocking purple Tracers and the Last Laugh Death Effect. And when they don’t see you coming, activate the “Skeletor’s Malice” Finishing Move.

Navigate difficult terrain with the “War Sled” Vehicle Skin, equip the ram’s skull-shaped “Havoc Staff” Weapon Charm, and get the “Skeletor” Sticker, “Lord Skeletor” Loading Screen, and “Overlord of Evil” Emblem for your Player Profile.

Tracer Pack: Lilith (Diablo IV)

Available: October 15

The Burning Hells arrive in time for the Haunting. Deploy as the Daughter of Hatred and the Creator of Sanctuary. This Bundle offers the “Lilith” Operator Skin along with the “Blood Petal” Assault Rifle and “Eternal Conflict” SMG Weapon Blueprints featuring bloodred Tracers and the Ascension Death Effect. Eliminate enemies from behind using the “Daughter of Hatred” Finishing Move.

Ride in hellish style with the “Wretched Death” Vehicle Skin, and show your allegiance with the “Altar of Lilith” Weapon Charm, the “Lilith’s Call” Sticker, “Lilith’s Throne” Loading Screen, and “Summon Lilith” Emblem.

Tracer Pack: Inarius (Diablo IV)

Available: October 26

The fallen archangel Inarius appears fully armored in an iconic Operator Skin paired with the Pro-Tuned “Fallen Angel” SMG and “Heaven’s War” Sniper Rifle Weapon Blueprints. For close-quarters flank attacks, activate the “Inarius Impaling” Finishing Move. Available October 26.

Patrol the skies in the “Heaven’s Castaway” Vehicle Skin, and give honor to the prophet by equipping the “Cathedral of Light” Weapon Charm, “Rogue Angel” Sticker, “Archangel” Loading Screen, and “World Father” Emblem.

Tracer Pack: Hellsing Operator Bundle (Hellsing)

Available: October 3

Deploy as “Alucard,” the Hellsing Organization’s most powerful weapon against supernatural forces. Lay your enemies low with the animated “Hellsing Arms” SMG Weapon Blueprint plus the “Jackal” and “Casull” Handgun Blueprints, all featuring red Watcher Tracers and the Third Eye Death Effect.

Eliminate enemies instantly using the “Fate and Consequence” Finishing Move and mark your position on the field with the “Hellsing Ride” Vehicle Skin. Represent your honored role as a vampire slayer with the “Hellsing” Weapon Charm, “Hellsing Family” Sticker, “Vampire’s Eye” Loading Screen, and “Hell’s Gate Arrested” Emblem.

Ash Operator Bundle (Evil Dead 2)

Available: October 23

The former supermarket clerk-turned demon hunter arrives to battle the underworld entities spewing forth from the Hellmouth. Take on the role of humanity’s champion against evil with the “Ash” Operator Skin, paired with the classic “Boomstick” Shotgun and “Groovy” Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprints that get bloodier as you land more eliminations. Up close, make them dance using the “Boomstick Boogie” Finishing Move.

Show them you mean business with the “Chainsaw” Weapon Charm, “Deadites” Sticker, “Evil Dead 2” Loading Screen, and “Evil Dead” Emblem.

Tracer Pack: DOOM

Available: October 9

Bring legendary gaming to Call of Duty with the Pro-Tuned “Super Shotgun” featuring Vintage Tracers and the Pixel Spray Death Effect, alongside the “Chainsaw” Melee Blueprint also featuring the Pixel Spray Death Effect; both weapons are reminiscent of classic Doom graphics and get bloodier as you get more eliminations.

Fight like Hell by adding the “Doomguy” Gunscreen, “DOOM” Weapon Charm, and “Cacodemon” and “Slayer” Stickers to your weapon. Equip the “DOOM” Loading Screen and take your pick between the “Gibs” Emblem, the animated “Healthy Mug” Emblem, the animated “Lost Soul” Emblem, or the animated “POV” Emblem.

Tracer Pack: Grim Tidings

Available: October 29

Serve the afterlife by gathering and preparing souls for the underworld. Don the look of a demon hunter with the “Death’s Right Hand” Operator Skin for Ghost, as well as the reaper-themed Pro-Tuned “Soul Separator” Assault Rifle, “Grave Danger” Shotgun, and “Reap and Sow” Melee Weapon Blueprints. Execute the “Reaping Souls” Finishing Move for an instant takedown.

The Bundle also features the dog-themed “Best Friend” Battle Buddy, the “Ready to Reap” Weapon Charm, the “Reaps” Sticker, the “Grinning Grim” Loading Screen, and the “Slice of Death” Emblem. For DMZ, the Bundle also includes an additional Active Duty Slot and a 15-minute Insured Weapon Cooldown on all three Weapon Blueprints

Pro-Pack: Pumpkin Patch Pack

Available: October 20

This terrifying Bundle, priced at $19.99 or your regional equivalent, comes packed with 2,400 COD Points, become a glowing jack-o’-lantern with the “Carver” Operator Skin paired with the pumpkin-themed “Trick” SMG and “Treat” LMG Weapon Blueprints. Give your enemies the best of both worlds with the “Trick and Treat” Finishing Move.

Carve through narrow passages with the “Hallow Rider” Vehicle Skin, and praise the jack-o’-lantern with the “Pumpkin Lantern” Weapon Charm, the “Costume Party” Loading Screen, and the “Flaming Jacks” Emblem. This Bundle also features an additional Active Duty Slot in DMZ and a 15-minute Insured Weapon Cooldown on both Weapon Blueprints.

Tracer Pack: Witchcraft

Available: September 27

Call on your otherworldly powers to decimate enemy Operators using “The Witch” Operator Skin, paired with the Pro-Tuned “Spellcaster” Sniper Rifle and “Eye of Newt” Handgun Weapon Blueprints. Hex your foes with the “Death Summons” Finishing Move and track your battle proficiency with the “Witch’s Tracker” Gun Screen.

Leave evidence of your presence by attaching the “Witch Charm” Weapon Charm and “Rituals” Emblem. This Bundle also features an additional Active Duty Slot in DMZ and a 15-minute Insured Weapon Cooldown on both Weapon Blueprints.

Paranormal Investigator Pack

Available: October 19

Bring the supernatural to justice with “The Investigator” Operator Skin. Fight back evil with two animated Weapon Blueprints: the “Case File” Assault Rifle and “Paranormalist’s Toolkit” Sniper Rifle. Outfit your weapons with the “Ghost Tracker” Gun Screen and “Sinister Signal” Weapon Charm.

Show who you work for using the “Fringe PI” Sticker, light up your Loading Screen with “Ghastly Energies,” and take a trip through classic horror villains using the animated “Phenomenon” Emblem.

Stay frosty.

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