Here’s what comes with the Season 5 BlackCell and battle pass in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II & Warzone

As per usual, we all want to get our money’s worth. With battle passes in general, I think we’ve seen more of that with some games, even if the effort required has us playing more. Call of Duty’s wasn’t as great last season, but Season 5 looks to be a level up. Especially given there’s a doggo. Check out the intel straight from the Call of Duty Blog below.

The Season 05 Battle Pass features 100+ rewards, including two new functional weapons, Commander Graves, and a ton more content that will prepare you for a critical season of Call of Duty®: Warzone™ and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II.

In fact, for the first time in Call of Duty® history, there will be five total Operators offered across the Battle Pass and BlackCell, an unprecedented value for those looking to reinforce their roster with Shadow Company’s finest.

Like prior seasons, purchasing the Battle Pass for 1,100 COD Points grants access to all 100 Tiers, while the BlackCell — available for $29.99 USD (or regional equivalent — offers even more rewards on top of everything in the standard Battle Pass.

BlackCell Season 05

In summary, the BlackCell offering for Season 05 includes the following:

  • Full access to the Season 05 Battle Pass, plus 20 Battle Token Tier Skips (25 on PlayStation®). The full Battle Pass includes 1,400 COD Points within 100 Tiers of unlockable content from Battle Pass progress.
  • The BlackCell Sector, including 1,100 COD Points; the new BlackCell Operator Arthur and his Tactical Pet Merlin; the “Caliburn” Tracer Weapon Blueprint; and Gwen, a Battle Buddy Gun Screen.
  • An exclusive BlackCell Sector within the Battle Pass AO serving as an alternative starting location.
  • Additional BlackCell-only Battle Pass content: eight BlackCell Operator Skins – one for Ghost, Alex, Roze, and new Operator Velikan, and two for new Operators Oz and Graves – six Tracer Weapon Blueprints, and two Vehicle Skins.
  • Players who upgrade to BlackCell after purchasing the Battle Pass will also receive 1,100 COD Points back.

For more information, check out the dedicated BlackCell blog here.

Shadow Company’s Arthur Joins BlackCell

One of Shadow Company’s best, Arthur is [[REDACTED]].

All we know is that he is a warrior to the core. No face, only a callsign; he is apparently a legend, but no legible records were found.

And the only companion he associates with his second-in-command, a K9 Unit in Merlin.

New Tactical Pets Companion Feature

New to Modern Warfare® II, Operators will have the option to bring companions alongside them in Multiplayer, Battle Royale, and DMZ modes. This provides the unparalleled benefit of companionship along with a devastating Finishing Move.

Merlin — and other Tactical Pets— cannot be harmed in any way and play a role in Finishing Moves. . . . Just remember to equip the Finishing Move separate from the companion when editing your chosen Operator.

New: Battle Buddy

Another new addition to Modern Warfare II is a Battle Buddy  – virtual “assistants” who act as a mini-announcer with some additional personality.

“Gwen” is the first, as her Gun Screen – what she prefers as opposed to “Battle Buddy” – is packaged with Arthur and his K9 unit Merlin. Just perform well with her equipped, because she has no time to assist with anything but a successful mission.

She will callout Killstreak activations, kills – including with specific weapons or equipment – and other in-game personal events, especially when you win or perform well in a match.

Purchase the Battle Pass to Unlock Graves, Oz

As mentioned, the BlackCell offering includes everything in the Battle Pass. However, whether you are BlackCell or just picking up the standard Battle Pass for 1,100 COD Points, everyone gets two Operators in the instantly unlocked Bonus Sector: Oz and Graves.

Yes, Phillip Graves is back alongside a new Shadow Company leader in Oz. They co-headline Battle Pass for Season 05, and their biographical information is here.

The instant reward Sector for the Season 05 Battle Pass will include both Graves and Oz as Operators with their default Skins. It also will award the blue and silver “Take Point” Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint, meant for midrange engagements; the  “Lucena” Shotgun Weapon Blueprint, perfect for close-quarters situations; and a 10% Battle Pass boost.

BlackCell owners will also unlock two alternate black and gold Operator skins – one for Oz and another for Graves – as part of the instant reward sector.

Velikan Returns in Battle Pass, Additional Operator Also Included

The fourth new Operator in the Battle Pass and BlackCell offering is a familiar face whether you played Modern Warfare(2019) or ventured into Building 21.

Available as the HVT of Sector 19 in the Season 05 Battle Pass, Velikan is a giant in terms of his legacy. Not many people know of this Shadow Company mercenary’s past, but they do know of his current assignments . . . by way of facing him down on the wrong side of the fight.

Battle Pass Skin: The former Shadow Company warden of Building 21 deploys with a painted helmet and orange trim accentuating his gray heavy armor.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Velikan’s enhanced BlackCell Skin variant adds gold embellishments and a darker shade of armor embellished by electric-blue trim.

Mila Also Joins the Fight Via Battle Pass

Although her bio is [[REDACTED]], Mila is a powerful warrior who fights for KORTAC across Multiplayer, Special Ops, and any Call of Duty: Warzone modes.

She is available as the HVT of Sector 6, and has the following Skin at launch:

Battle Pass Skin: Simple yet effective, Mila is prepared for combat with a tactical (non-functional) armor vest and standard-issue blue-and-black gear. She also comes with some sweet shades to protect her from the desert sun in Al Mazrah.

New HVT Operator Skins

Operators on both factions are in place for the next game across new battlegrounds.

BlackCell owners get eight additional Operator Skins with enhanced black-and-gold aesthetics when completing certain HVT Sectors across the AO.

These Operators are no pawns; they are ready to pull double duty to stop Konni, regardless of their allegiance.

“The Bishop” Skins for Alex (Sector E13, HVT)

Battle Pass Skin: Alex prepares for heavy fighting in a helmet and fatigues, sturdy boots, and a beige vest topped off with ammo and gear.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Heavy armor with big style. This black and gold set means business, his prosthetic leg reinforced and recolored to match.

“Bad Bishop” Skins for Roze (Sector E14, HVT)

Battle Pass Skin: Equipped in medium armor balancing mobility and defense, Roze additionally conceals her identity behind a mask, preserving anonymity in the field.

BlackCell Additional Skin: To match her tricked out armor, Roze opts for a golden mask and emits a green and blue hue in her animated BlackCell alternate Skin.

“The Rook” Skins for Ghost (Sector E17, HVT)

Battle Pass Skin: The perfect gear for the desert landscape of Fort Resurgence, “The Rook” finds Ghost in a cape and his signature mask, exchanging his typical dark colors for a more muted beige, brown, and white.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Trade the muted look for a striking black and gold variant, featuring topographical designs over the pants and jacket, as well as gilded strips along his hood and cape.

New Weapon HVTs in Sectors E7, E8

Season 05 brings two new, free functional weapons to unlock in the Battle Pass: the long-distance Carrack .300 and the rapid-fire FR Avancer.

Carrack .300 Sniper Rifle (Sector E7, HVT, Free)

This semi-auto bullpup sniper rifle features an exceptionally high fire rate and is capable of putting multiple rounds into targets at long distances.

Operators seeking a fast-firing yet accurate Sniper Rifle should look no further than the Carrack .300.

While it may not possess the power-per-bullet of its harder-hitting companions, this weapon is still capable of inflicting heavy damage from a distance with proper shot placement to the head down to the upper chest. In fact, its strength lies in its ability to deliver quick follow-up shots so long as the Operator behind it handles its high vertical recoil.

Use the Gunsmith to fashion the Carrack .300 into a highly mobile and fast-handling weapon for aggressive play. Alternatively, with the right attachments, an Operator can lean into its strengths by extending its damage range and stabilizing its recoil for sturdy longshots.

Find your preferred balance and reap the rewards in long-range fights no matter the operation.

FR Avancer Assault Rifle (Sector E8, HVT, Free)

With a blinding fire rate and exceptional maneuverability, in the right hands, this aggressive bullpup rifle can dominate the battlefield.

Shred enemies with this midrange bullpup rifle that features a rapid-fire rate and a strong vertical recoil to match.

Its solid hip-fire spread and high damage per minute make it a phenomenal weapon up close in addition to its “category standard” range for all Assault Rifles. And with a recoil pattern that’s easy to learn, an Operator with a steady hand or trigger discipline can make this tool a devastating Primary Weapon in any operation that calls for close- to midrange combat.

The Gunsmith allows Operators to maximize efficiency with the FR Avancer. Equip it with an extended magazine, or a Laser for improved aiming capabilities, an Underbarrel for recoil control, a Stock to counter mobility penalties from other attachments, and a red dot Optic for better visibility. . . .

Or do all of the above in a well-balanced yet powerful combination fit for fighting entire squads.

New Weapon Blueprints, Vehicle Skins

A larger game is looming over the Battle Pass. . . . The Weapon Blueprints on offer give you plenty of moves to make no matter the mode, allowing you to put even the most worthy of opponents in serious checkmate.

King Hunter — Assault Rifle (Sector E1, HVT)

Cool off with this cobalt-blue Assault Rifle Blueprint unlockable right at the normal starting position in the Battle Pass.

The “King Hunter” outfits this staple weapon with an extended damage range, a holographic sight, and recoil stabilizers for a cleaner shot.

Also available for BlackCell owners is the “King Hunter BlackCell” Weapon Blueprint. Offering a similar attachment setup to the standard “King Hunter” Assault Rifle but with a sleek black-and-gold finish and Tracer Rounds, this is one of the six additional Weapon Blueprints BlackCell owners can receive as part of the full Season 05 Battle Pass.

Banneret — SMG (Sector E12, HVT)

Based off the SMG introduced in Season 04, the “Banneret” is a Shadow Company–themed weapon featuring a bloodred skull design and a balanced attachment setup.

Customized with an extended damage range plus improved recoil control and stability, the “Banneret” is a capable tool against enemies up close and at midrange.

Raider — Battle Rifle (Sector E14, Non-HVT)

For Shadow Company Operators, the “Raider” Weapon Blueprint features a precision sight picture along with improvements to aiming stability and recoil control.

It is a Battle Rifle meant for midrange combat, harmonizing precision and power to grant an accurate and well-positioned Operator a commanding presence in their engagements.

New Vehicle Skins

Several new Vehicle Skins are here for those designated drivers around Ground War and other modes across Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II.

Get the “Magnitude” Heavy Tank Skin in Sector E15; if its skull-inlaid, white paint job doesn’t scare off the enemy, it’s black and gold cannon and turret sure will.

In Sector E2, access the “Wheeled Steed” Dirt Bike, which includes an additional BlackCell Skin variant.

Remember: BlackCell owners get that variant Skin as well as another Vehicle Skin variant as part of the full BlackCell offering in Season 05.

Complete the Map for Victory Sector Tier 100 Rewards

Conquer all Sectors to access the final Victory Sector:

“Grandmaster” Assault Rifle Blueprint

This five-attachment build highlights the versatility of the new Assault Rifle in the Battle Pass.

In this configuration, a 45-Round Mag helps offset the weapon’s high fire rate, with other attachments improving its Aim Down Sight speed and flinch resistance for a snappy and sturdy weapon that’s as effective as it looks.

Also available to BlackCell owners is the “Grandmaster BlackCell” Weapon Blueprint. This variant dips the whole weapon in a black-and-gold aesthetic with Tracer Rounds, making this Primary Weapon serious royalty when it comes to any loadout.

“Shadow 0-1” Tier 100 Skin for Graves

Commander Graves deploys in his classic all-black Shadow Company gear, featuring a tool for every possible scenario.

BlackCell owners also get a variant for this Skin, which adds gold leaf to some of Graves’ practical body armor.

“Onslaught” Tier 100 Skin for Oz

Break their will to fight with this red, black, and brown Tier 100 Skin featuring a terrifying helmet and twin machetes at his sides, both hooked at the end and appearing well-worn with the blood of enemies.

The third BlackCell addition makes this tier an incredible value for owners. The “Onslaught BlackCell” Skin makes Oz a true gilded menace with his long braids flowing over his glitzy gold and black attire.

300 COD Points, Emblem

Players who reach Tier 100 will also unlock the “Knight 5” Emblem and 300 COD Points to put toward their next regular Battle Pass or Store Bundle purchase.

Store Highlights: Call of Duty Celebrates 50 Years of Hip Hop

Celebrate 50 years of hip hop with two new Operators who are synonymous with the culture and are innovators within the genre, both available at launch. 21 Savage will be available at mid-season; his bundle details will be revealed closer to that launch date.

Tracer Pack: Snoop Dogg — Return of the Shizzle

Snoop Dogg returns to the series in a Bundle featuring two Operator Skins: the default “Snoop Dogg” and the “D-O-Double G” alternate Skin. Blaze up the competition with the “Life of Da Party” Assault Rifle, the “Toke Force 141” SMG, and the “Wild and Free” Sidearm Weapon Blueprints. And take out enemies from behind with the “Snoop Hustle” Finishing Move.

Ride around in style with the “High Rider” Hatchback Vehicle Skin, represent his label with the “Death Row Records” Weapon Charm, roll in with “A Snoop Thang” Loading Screen, and show your fandom off with the “Snoop” Emblem on your Player Profile.

Pro Pack: Gunslinger Ghost

Saddle up to the fight with the Pro Pack: Gunslinger Ghost Bundle, available in Season 05 for $19.99 or your regional equivalent.

This pack includes the “The Marshal” Operator Skin, which has Ghost looking like he is ready to lay down the law whether it’s out in the Wild West or in Al Mazrah. Take control of the lobby with “The Bandit” Assault Rifle and “ Gallows Call” Sidearm Weapon Blueprints, or ride into the sunset with the “Saddle Up” Vehicle Skin.

Additional customization options include the “Wall Mounted” Sticker, “Grave Marker” Weapon Charm, and the “Rounds and Roses” Emblem.

The Pro Pack: Gunslinger Ghost Bundle also comes with 2,400 CP to put toward your next Store or regular Battle Pass purchase.

Tracer Pack: Elementals: Iceflow

Send shivers down their spine with the “Dead Winter” Operator Skin for Valeria, outfitted with the “Snowfall” Assault Rifle and “Cold Wind” LMG Weapon Blueprints, plus the “Polar Vortex” Vehicle Skin for the ATV.

When you need to get stealthy, freeze their hearts with the “Ice Spike” Melee and Throwing Knife variant.

Other cosmetic items include the “Deep Freeze” Weapon Charm, “Electric Ice” Loading Screen, “Cold Heart” Sticker, and the “Deadly Lead” Emblem.

Tracer Pack: Dark Rituals III

The Dark Rituals series continues with its third installation offering the “Possessed” Operator Skin and three Weapon Blueprints: the “To Dust” Assault Rifle, the “Death’s Door” Battle Rifle, and the “Necrotic” Sniper Rifle.

Equip the “Grave Digger” Frag Grenade variant, and further the reaper’s cause with the “Death’s Harbinger” Loading Screen and “Just Ghostly” Emblem. This Bundle also features a one-hour Double Player XP and one-hour Double Weapon XP token.

Tracer Pack: Penumbra + Universal Wrap

Equip Shadow Company’s “Onyx Pitch” Assault Rifle Blueprint and outfit it with the “Vault Keeper” Sticker and “cubic Weapon Charm. Complete your Shadow Company allegiance with the “Destination: Chaos” Loading Screen and “Shadow Company” Emblem.

All of these offerings are just some of what is on offer as part of Season 05, with more Bundles to be released as part of the Reloaded update.

Stay frosty.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone news and info!

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