Hell hath no fury like a viewer scorned — Dungeons & Streamers brings stream integration to Book of Demons

The only thing scarier than a dungeon full of monsters is a vengeful streaming audience — at least, that’s the theory behind Book of Demons’ latest DLC, Dungeons & Streamers. The free DLC, which went live November 28, gives stream viewers on Twitch and Mixer the ability to aid streamers in their time of need, or put the final nail in their coffin.

The free DLC increases interaction between streamers and fans beyond the mere chat window, adding a new Help or Harm mechanic to gameplay. Help the streamer by dropping in health potions and bonus loot or Harm them by throwing more monsters into their path. All the while, streamers remain in control of their game by enabling or disabling features as well as selecting the strength of the audience’s interaction with the game, turning the challenge up or down depending on fan response.

In addition to fighting alongside (or against) streamers, viewers can even vote on what loot they’ll receive.

Book of Demons left a good impression on us when we first previewed it, and it has an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam. It’s set to release from Early Access on December 13.

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