Hardcore dungeon crawling RPG Mistover announced by PUBG and TERA developers for Nintendo Switch and PC

Today, KRAFTON Game Union announced Mistover, a dungeon crawling RPG from the developers of TERA and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s described as a cross between Darkest Dungeon’s mechanics and the dungeon crawling of Etrian Odyssey with eight classes to choose from: Witch, Shadow Blade, Grim Reaper, Paladin, Ronin, Sister, Werewolf, and Onmyouji.

MISTOVER isn’t just any dungeon romp. It provides suspenseful adventure in the harshest of conditions. Each procedurally generated dungeon provides players with an array of challenges at every turn from a plethora of vicious monsters to deadly traps to poisonous food. Survival comes at the cost of wondering whether the next step or the next tasty morsel will mean one’s doom as death is permanent in MISTOVER. But never fear! There’s always a new recruit coming in on the next wagon to be added to your party of adventurers.

The Mist does not like to be challenged. The lands of MISTOVER were peaceful until one day it was beset by a Vortex, Pillar of Despair. This Vortex brought dreadful creatures that laid waste to the kingdoms of humanity. The Kingdom of Arta is the last bastion of civilization and the gathering place for adventurers who gather in Corps seeking to rid their lands of these devastating threats once and for all.

Each class has its own set of skills and abilities, ensuring that every run of the game will be entirely unique. KRAFTON Game Union will bring Mistover to PAX East 2019 from March 28-31st with a playable demo.

Mistover will be released on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam this Summer. For more information, visit the official website.

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