Halo Infinite’s Ranked/Competitive settings and details revealed

343 Industries revealed details about Halo Infinite’s ranked and competitive modes today, in the form of a blog post on Halo Waypoint and the video embedded above.

Halo Infinite’s ranked/competitive modes will be Slayer, Capture the Flag, Strongholds, and Oddball. The settings in ranked and competitive play see the BR75 as the starting weapon, the motion tracker disabled, grenade hitmarkers disabled, friendly fire turned on, and weapons, equipment, and grenades on static spawners in the map.

The BR75 was the team’s choice for the competitive and ranked play starting weapon for various reasons depending on who you ask on the Infinite developer team, but most agree that it it was chosen for its general feel, time-to-kill, iconic status, and low skill floor with potential for high skill players to use it well.

Additionally, they made the decision to have players spawn without secondary weapons. “Players felt effective off spawn but also felt the need to contest for other sites on the map to fill their inventory…” said Andrew Witts, lead multiplayer designer on Halo Infinite.

Unlike Halo 3, Halo Infinite’s ranked and competitive settings keep equipment in the game, so repulsors, grappleshots, active camos, and more will all be fair game.

The decision to make the motion tracker and grenade hitmarkers disabled in the settings was made to avoid allowing players to access information about the other team for free, said Witts. “…players earning their information in gameplay adds more to the skill expression within the competitive Halo experience.”

Strongholds, Halo Infinite’s answer to Domination, returns from Halo 5 with a twist. Now, players need to hold at least two zones to begin scoring, and if any enemy player sets foot in one of those zones the points stop coming. This is a change aimed at reducing anti-climactic moments in Strongholds matches where teams would win despite not holding their ground in zones. Attacking teams should have more of a fighting chance to gain control without the defending teams passively scoring.

Halo Infinite’s release grows closer by the day.

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