Halo Infinite Season 4: Infection starts today

Xbox and PC players can now dive into the newest season of content for Halo Infinite. Season 4 features the return of Infection, Career Rank, two new maps, and a new battle pass. The full details can be found on Halo Waypoint.

Season 4: Infection Trailer | Halo Infinite

Today, Halo Infinite Season 4: Infection became available to play on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam.

In addition to the fan-favorite Infection mode, Season 4 also brings:

  • Career Rank, a new career progression system
  • Two new maps – Arena’s “Forest” and Big Team Battle’s “Scarr”
  • New equipment including Threat Seeker and Quantum Translocator
  • Armor and weapon customization
  • An all-new 100-level premium Battle Pass that never expires
  • Forge updates, including a new minigame mode and forerunner objects

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