GUNNAR Unveils Cupertino, eyewear perfect for daily activities

Gunnar Optik just unveiled the Cupertino, a new form of eyewear meant to cater to all daily activities. With the Cupertino, Gunnar is rethinking eye health, hoping to help eradicate eye strain and sun damage. You can learn more about the Cupertino below:

Gunnar Optik rethinks eye health and has unveiled the future of eyewear with glasses that cater to all daily activities! Today, the company released Cupertino, a game-changing line of glasses revolutionizing protection against computer vision syndrome, digital eye strain and sun damage. Cupertino isn’t just a remedy for computer vision syndrome; it’s a reimagination of what glasses can be, and features innovative interchangeable magnetic lens inserts, delivering four distinct levels of blue light and sun blocking capabilities in one sleek pair of glasses.

Featuring flexible spring hinges and premium acetate frames, Cupertino boasts a cutting-edge collection of swappable magnetic lenses:

*Clear Lens – Blocks 35% of Blue Light
*Amber Lens – Blocks 65% of Blue Light
*Amber Max Lens – Blocks 98% of Blue Light
*Sun Lens – Blocks 90% of Blue Light

See clearer. Feel better. Work smarter – Gunnar’s Cupertino glasses are AVAILABLE NOW, starting at $179, redefining eyewear versatility and setting a new standard in eye protection for the digital age.

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