Grin and bear it as Bear with Me receives a new prequel episode, console versions this July

Today, Exordium Games and Modus Games announced that a new prequel episode of the comedy-noir adventure game Bear with Me for PC on July 9, with console versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch coming out on the same day. Entitled Bear with Me: The Lost Robots, the episode functions as a prequel to the events of the main game, and will also be included with Bear with Me: The Complete Collection.

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots joins Flint, the brother whose mysterious disappearance is key to Bear With Me’s central episodes, for a journey where he encounters new and memorable characters and unveils locales distinct from the rest of the series. The events of Lost Robots lead into the episodes 1-3 and will shed light on the series as a whole. The new prequel episode will be available for $4.99.

Point-and-click adventure fans who previously missed Bear With Me’s episodic series will also have a chance to pick up Bear With Me: The Complete Collection, bundling episodes 1-4 for newcomers to the franchise, via console, PC and mobile digital storefronts for $14.99. Bear With Me: The Complete Collection will also contain, on Steam only, a digital artbook containing development visuals and concepts, as well as the full original soundtrack for the series.

Bear With Me’s central installments see leading detectives Amber and Ted E. Bear exchanging sharp banter while searching for clues, solving environmental puzzles, and cross-examining potential suspects in their investigation into Flint’s vanishing. The aspiring duo face more than just a mystery and witty comebacks, however; rumors swirl about a mysterious ‘man in red’ responsible for an outbreak of recent fires, and Amber will face surreal, grim dangers during her brave attempt to reunite with Flint.

Read up on Kay’s review of the first three episodes, check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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