Gray Zone Warfare shares new interview as early access approaches

We’ve been really excited when getting a look at Gray Zone Warfare, and these new tidbits add to the hype. Gray Zone Warfare looks to create it’s own path in the shooter genre, and while inspired by things like Escape From Tarkov, wants to be it’s own game. That’s admirable, and these interviews show you the dedication and care the team at Madfinger is putting into the game. Check all of that out below, and go wishlist Gray Zone Warfare on Steam while you’re at it.

New Gray Zone Warfare Content Is Here

 Video Interview with ex-SOF and Animation Capture Specialist, Spicy

Ex-SOF Discusses #Realism & #Tactics in #GrayZoneWarfare l MADFINGER Games w/ Ondřej "Spicy" Spisar

Get ready for an enlightening interview with Ondrej (aka Spicy), a highly skilled ex-Special Operations Forces soldier. Dive into his global combat experiences and gain insights into how he would tackle the “Rats Nest” mission in GZW with his squad. As an integral part of our team at MADFINGER Games, Spicy ensures precise motion capture, contributing to an immersive and realistic gaming experience in GZW.

+ Learn About Spicy: Uncover the experiences of our skilled ex-SOF, Spicy, as he shares insights into his background and how he began his job with MADFINGER Games.

+ Mission Briefing: “Rat’s Nest”: Join us for an in-depth briefing on how Spicy approaches the intense mission in GZW known as “Rat’s Nest.”

+ When Missions Go Awry: Spicy discusses what happens when a mission takes an unexpected turn.

+ Spicy’s Impact On GZW: Understand the direct impact of Spicy’s work on the immersive experience of Gray Zone Warfare.

 What’s Next

In February, fans of GZW can anticipate brand-new coverage and new details. With Early Access on the horizon, we’ll be providing a sneak-peek into the immersive world you’ll soon explore. Our dedication extends to fostering a strong community and offering transparency in our game’s development. It’s crucial to understand that not every aspect showcased will be accessible during Early Access. The vast world we’re constructing will unfold gradually, promising continuous exploration and excitement as new elements are introduced. Stay tuned for an evolving and engaging gaming experience! :)

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