Grab that final battle pass — Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season Six shows off its last earnables

It feels like Call Of Duty: Vanguard is breathing down our necks, with literally a month to go from the time of this posting. That doesn’t mean we’re completely done grinding in Cold War though, and Activision and Treyarch have revealed the final battle pass you’ll be able to work through before the return to World War II. Check out all the intel from the Call Of Duty blog below, and if you missed all that Season Six will bring, check out our article on that here.

Season Six Battle Pass Trailer | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™

Prepare for the Final Showdown with the Season Six Battle Pass

Whether you’re taking on Perseus in Verdansk or stopping Omega in the newest Zombies map, you’ve got a job to do during the climactic sixth season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

And its Battle Pass has just the right tools you’ll need for the job.

Season Six may go down as the most thrilling season yet of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, and the surprises planned for it extend well into the Battle Pass and Store. You can expect the following on Day One:

  • Two free functional weapons and 20+ other items — including 300 COD Points — unlocked just by playing the game.
  • The immediate unlock of Operator Alex Mason, the original Black Ops hero, through purchase of the Battle Pass.
  • Three Legendary Skins for Bulldozer via the Battle Pass Bundle (Battle Pass + 20 Tier Skips).
  • An Ultra-rarity Reactive Skin set for Mason, over a dozen Weapon Blueprints, 1,000 COD Points, and more to be unlocked through the full Battle Pass.
  • A Store stocked with Bundles, including one with a zombie-zapping Mastercraft and another with the new Battle Axe melee weapon’s first unique Blueprint.

All that, plus additional Store Bundles that include a new Operator, Mastercrafts, Reactive Operator Skins, and Missions, is what we can reveal in this intel drop.

The next four weeks will be filled with crucial intel about Season Six, especially around The Haunting — occurring between October 19 and November 2 — and the lead-up to Call of Duty®: Vanguard’s launch on November 5. You do not want to miss everything planned for this season, starting with an unprecedented free drop next week.

But for now, this is what you need to know about the Battle Pass and Store at Season Six’s launch:

What is the Battle Pass and the Battle Pass Bundle?

The seasonal Battle Pass for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone works like this:

  • Battle Pass System: A no-purchase-necessary offering that allows you to earn a selection of free items, including two new base weapons, just by playing either game.
  • Battle Pass: Gives you access to all 100 Tiers in this system, including the instant unlock items at Tier 0, for only 1,000 COD Points.
  • Battle Pass Bundle: For 2,400 COD Points, get access to all 100 Tiers and 20 Tier Skips (25 for PlayStation® players), plus a bonus of three Operator Skins.
  • Tier Skips: Can be purchased individually for 150 COD Points each to advance your Battle Pass progress up one Tier.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Season Six Battle Pass — both in the free Tiers and within the full Battle Pass — starting with the Epic and Legendary items found at Tier 0.

Tier 0 Rewards — Instantly Unlock Mason, 10% Seasonal XP Boost, and More…

After purchasing the Season Six Battle Pass, you get the following rewards at Tier 0:

New Operator — Alex Mason: The original Black Ops protagonist arrives just in time for what could be Adler and Stitch’s ultimate duel. Unlock Mason — and his default Operator Skin, “Alaska” — instantly at Tier 0.

Mason also comes with two Operator Missions that can be completed to unlock additional customization content. Complete Mason’s “Impulsive Insubordination” Operator Mission in Multiplayer to unlock his “Barren” and “Canopy” Operator Skins among other rewards, or the “Death Toll” Operator Mission in Zombies to earn items like Mason’s “Polar” and “Maritime” Skins.

Adler Operator Skin: The“Agent Zero” Operator Skin represents Adler’s unfinished business with Stitch.

Aquatic Watch: This Epic Wrist Accessory is perfect for the mil-sim-focused Operator ready to fight at sea.

Seasonal XP Boost: Purchase the Season Six Battle Pass and enjoy a 10% increase in all XP earned during the season.

Battle Pass Bundle Bonus — Get a Trio of Bulldozer Operator Skins

For the final showdown, you’d better be loaded for bear. Literally.

Those who purchase the Season Six Battle Pass Bundle will gain access to three Legendary Operator Skins for Bulldozer in addition to the Tier 0 rewards, 20 Tier Skips, and access to all 100 Tiers in the system.

These giant panda-themed Operator Skins — “Panda Bear,” “Red Panda,” and “Pain Panda” — are perfect for a trio who wants to take over Verdansk, face the zombified masses, or rule Multiplayer lobbies while humiliating the competition.

New Operator Skins and Finishing Move

With both the epic conclusion of Black Ops Cold War and the beginning of Vanguard on the horizon, our Operators are getting a mix of Cold War and WWII-themed gear throughout the Battle Pass.

Just in the first 20 Tiers, which you can immediately unlock through the Battle Pass Bundle, this is what you can expect:

“Dispatch” Portnova Skin (Tier 10): Portnova and her “Dispatch” Operator Skin are perfect for your next clandestine mission. Complete the “Loyal to the State” Multiplayer Operator Mission and the “Aether Enforcer” Zombies Operator Mission to earn additional XP rewards and items, such as four more Operator Skins for Portnova.

“Admiral” Sims Skin (Tier 20): Ready for combat on land, sea, or air, Sims and his “Admiral” Skin is a timeless classic appropriate for the fight ahead. This Tier also comes with two Operator Missions offering thousands of XP, four additional Operator Skins, and more.

PLUS, the “Axe Murder” Finishing Move (Tier 19): Got an axe to grind with an enemy? Chop them down for size with this new Finishing Move, which can be equipped by all Operators through the Operator menu in Warzone or through the Weapons menu in Black Ops Cold War.

New Free Base Weapons to Build a Full Loadout

The Season Six Battle Pass gives you a full Loadout to work with in Black Ops Cold War through two free functional weapons that also could see some serious consideration for your Warzone Loadout Drops.

.410 Ironhide: Shotgun (Tier 15)

For the first time since Season One, the Shotgun category gets a new contender in the lever-action .410 Ironhide. And as you can tell by its name, it’s a heavy-hitter.

At launch, the .410 has the potential to outclass its peers with the longest one-shot elimination range in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer. Its damage also makes it viable at short-range in Warzone, but in both games, its low rate of fire and slow reload speed demand accurate shots from the Operator behind the trigger.

Outside of the standard Shotgun attachments, the .410 Ironhide offers two handle options — the Dropshot Wrap and the Airborne Lever Wrap — for some unique statistical changes. With the Dropshot Wrap, you get flinch resistance and the ability to aim while going prone, as well as quicker reload speeds and a nice bump to fire rate. With the Airborne Lever Wrap, you get a serious reload speed buff on top of what you would expect from an Airborne Elastic Wrap, both in terms of pros and cons.

Grav: Assault Rifle (Tier 31)

The tenth Black Ops Cold War Assault Rifle arrives amid a power struggle between mid- to long-range options. Prior to Season Six, the Warzone community meta was a battle between old reliable choices like the XM4 and AK-47 and more recent additions like the EM2 and C58, not to mention a few LMGs.

So how does the Grav compete with that deep pool across Multiplayer and Battle Royale?

At Season Six’s launch, it will come to Black Ops Cold War with a base range of over 50 meters, the same damage-per-shot as the QBZ-83, a rate of fire equal to the Groza, the fastest bullet velocity in the class, and 35 rounds in each of its three magazines… and that’s just the base version.

The Grav also offers unique attachments: in addition to a 50-round magazine and some speed options, there is the RK-7 30-Rnd Conversion. Although it will cost some penalties to ammo reserves and reload quickness, this conversion increases the weapon’s caliber to use 7.62 ammunition, resulting in a sizable damage increase. Combined with a Task Force barrel, the Grav can become a slower-firing, yet harder-hitting Primary Weapon for those engagements at range.

Twenty New Weapon Blueprints for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

Across the free Battle Pass System and full 100 Tiers of the Battle Pass, there are 20 Weapon Blueprints of varying rarities to help neutralize zombies or your enemies across Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Prior to the final two Weapon Blueprint rewards at Tiers 95 and 100, here are three we’re personally adding to our Loadouts come October 7.

“Cemetery Thorn” Legendary Sniper Rifle Blueprint (Tier 27): Lay the dead to rest with this five-attachment configuration of a bolt-action Sniper Rifle known for fast handling. This Weapon Blueprint includes a Tiger Team Barrel for a damage boost, a Steady Aim Laser, a Front Grip, a Vandal Speed Loader, and an SAS Combat Stock. That combo boosts all four main statistics across the board and looks drop-dead awesome with the weapon’s graveyard design.

“Carnival Prize” Legendary SMG Blueprint (FREE Tier 55): Step right up to this Legendary Weapon Blueprint built for fast reloads — thanks to its Jungle-Style Magazine — and even quicker handles. Outspeed the competition with a Collapsed Stock and a Bruiser Grip, get them in the sights of the included optic, then hit the deck and drop ’em with the help of the Dropshot Wrap. No carnie tricks here; this weapon has some serious potential for your Loadouts.

“Panda Bite” Legendary SMG Blueprint (Tier 85): Want a fearsome, hard-hitting Weapon Blueprint? Get the full Battle Pass and reach Tier 85 to get the “Panda Bite,” which combines a Reinforced Barrel, a GRU Suppressor, and a drum Magazine among other attachments for a silent, yet fierce Primary Weapon. Pair this with one of the three Bulldozer panda-themed Operator Skins for maximum effectiveness… at least, in terms of style.

Tier 95 — Line ’em Up and Knock ’em Down with the Kill Shot Ultra-rarity Reactive Shotgun Blueprint

After purchasing the Battle Pass and reaching Tier 95, you get the first Weapon Blueprint for the newest shotgun in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone: the “Kill Shot.”

Don’t let its carnival theme fool you. Once you get rolling and trigger its Reactive stages, your target will be the one seeing stars.

Complete with its unique Airborne Lever Wrap, its largest extended Magazine tube, and a damage-boosting Barrel among other attachments, this Weapon Blueprint could be your ticket to adopting a more aggressive playstyle. Send down those high-damage shots, worry less about slow reloads, and keep your eyes on the ultimate prize: victory.

Tier 100 — Mason Lights Up the Lobby with Ultra-rarity Skin, Plus Legendary Weapon Blueprint and More

Those who complete all 100 Tiers of the Season Six Battle Pass can consider themselves among the stars of the game… especially with a set of Ultra-rarity Operator Skins for Mason.

“Aurora Borealis” Ultra-rarity Mason Skin and Operator Mission: Localized entirely within a single Operator outfit, “Aurora Borealis” can light up the lobby when you equip it as Mason’s Operator Skin. Pair it with a weapon that has the DM Ultra or Dark Aether camo you played hard to earn, and you have a seriously commendable combo. Complete the included Operator Mission to unlock the “Ascension” and the highly contaminated “Toxicity” Operator Skins in addition to extra cosmetic items.

“Art Deco” Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint: The first available Weapon Blueprint for the free Assault Rifle found earlier in the Battle Pass, the “Art Deco” is as serious as it is stylish. Among its five-attachment spread is a 45-round speed magazine that provides a solid reload-time reduction and fantastic gains to your ammo supply.

Sedan, SUV Vehicle Skins, and Season Six Emblem: Take vehicular combat from multiple angles with the “Harsh Angle” Sedan Vehicle Skin in Black Ops Cold War, the “Dazzle Wagon” SUV Vehicle Skin in Warzone, and the Season Six animated Emblem, which represents your mastery of the Season Six Battle Pass.

One More Black Ops War Track Mixtape for the Road

As Black Ops Cold War celebrates its sixth season, it’s time to kick it old school once more with the “Black Ops Mixtape,” available for free at Tier 72 of the Battle Pass.

Veterans of the franchise will appreciate some of the deep cuts on here, such as “This Jazz Is Classified” from the intro for the classic Black Ops 4 Zombies experience of the same name, or “Revenge” from the original Black Ops, a fitting track for Mason’s return.

Give them a spin in your favorite vehicle, or go to Black Ops Cold War’s Music Player to make them the new soundtrack for your menus.

1,300 Total COD Points

As in previous seasons, the Season Five Battle Pass System gives you the chance to earn up to 300 COD Points across free Tiers and up to 1,300 COD Points via the paid Battle Pass, more than enough to purchase a future Battle Pass or a Season Six Bundle.


On October 12, make sure you’re prepared for war.

No further intel will be declassified at this time.

Season Six Store Highlights

Before The Haunting brings shock and awe, Season Six will stock up its Store with several Bundles, starting with a new melee Blueprint, a new Operator, and the return of two action heroes… all within the first week.

Launch Week: The Axe Cometh, Fuze, and the Return of ’80s Action Heroes

Have an axe to grind with your competition? Then the Berserker Bundle has the weapon you may need for the confrontation ahead: the first Weapon Blueprint for the new Battle Axe melee weapon — the menacing “Barbarian’s Axe.”

This Bundle also comes with a devastating “Executioner” Finishing Move, three cosmetic items for your profile and weaponry, and a Tier Skip for the Battle Pass.

New Operator “Fuze” will also find his way to the Store during Season Six’s launch week, arriving less than a week out from The Haunting.

Bring Fuze into the fight and get an Operator Mission for him as well, where you can earn back some COD Points spent on the Bundle. With the Bundle and full completion of that mission, you’ll get two Skins, two Weapon Blueprints, an Animated Calling Card and Emblem, and the “Can Opener” Weapon Charm.

Fuze isn’t the only Operator lighting up the Store during Season Six’s launch week: if you missed out on our star Operators during the ’80s Action Heroes event, you’ll have a second chance at picking up their Bundles before and during The Haunting.

All this is coming in the first week alone, along with the new Ray Gun-inspired Zombie Zapper Mastercraft Bundle. Pick this one up in the Store, and see how its retro-looking Shotgun Weapon Blueprint electrifies the undead masses to kingdom come.

The Tagger vs. Big Joke Ultimate Pack

Just before The Haunting begins, there are a few other Bundles that may grab your attention.

The Tagger vs. Big Joke Ultimate Pack could be one of them, as it combines two popular Bundle series into one collection full of Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and COD Points.

With this Bundle, you get two Legendary Operator Outfits: the clown-faced “Sad Face” for Garcia and the graffiti-inspired “Sign Painter” for Wolf. Five Weapon Blueprints are included – four of which are ranged Legendary Weapons – as well as a variety of cosmetic items. To top it all off, you’ll also get 5,000 COD Points, which can be spent on a Bundle, Battle Pass, or in-game gifts to friends.

This is all for just $39.99 USD (or your regional equivalent), which is a serious value compared to a straight purchase of 5,000 COD Points. Consider picking it up starting on October 18 before using those COD Points on some extra-spooky Bundles that The Haunting will provide…

You won’t want to miss what lies in the shadows later in October.

Execute the mission.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more Call Of Duty news, videos, impressions, reviews, and information. If you want to jump into the game, check out, and if you want to know more about it first, check out our review right here.

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