Go cougar hunting with Illusion of L’Phalcia on Switch next week

Yesterday, KEMCO announced that it will release its upcoming RPG Illusion of L’Phalcia for Nintendo Switch on August 1, with a pre-order bonus being granted now.

The Sword of Amal is said to grant any wish so long as it is provided magic power. Ryser believes in the sword’s existence and is in the middle of searching for all the map pieces that lead to the sword when he runs into Tiana, a mysterious girl being chased by soldiers. Tiana assumes he is a thief that steals from ruins, and their relationship turns sour quick. She turns out to be the princess of Gardenia, the bordering nation, and is also looking for the Sword of Amal. What awaits these young heroes as they set off to look for the sword together? Thus begins the intertwining tale of three nations, an elusive organization, and the lives of everyone in the world!

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  1. damn wrong kind of cougar hunting…

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