Go behind the scenes on what ripping and tearing sounds like with a new Doom Eternal video

Have you ever heard a more beautiful sound than heavy metal? Bethesda recently released a new video for the upcoming Doom Eternal, which will be released on March 20. The video shows just how a heavy metal choir practices with composer Mick Gordon.

Composer Mick Gordon returns to the DOOM franchise to deliver an all-new pulse-pounding soundtrack for DOOM Eternal, and this time, he’s brought some friends. For the first time ever, choir practice goes heavy metal!

Introducing the DOOM Eternal Heavy Metal Choir: an eclectic group of heavy metal vocalists from diverse backgrounds and experiences that all share one thing in common: a love for DOOM. A result of an open casting call, the choir includes names such as Tony Campos (Ministry; Static X), Sven De Caluwe (Aborted), Linzey Rae (The Anchor), and more. Mick, alongside the talented sound team at id Software, created the choir’s signature chant, pieced together from a mysterious and ancient language that hearkens back to the Slayer’s origins. The chant seamlessly weaves into the soundtrack and ties directly into the lore of DOOM Eternal.

Check out Travis’ E3 preview of Doom Eternal, view the video above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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