Give me Jesus — New Bible-based game coming from Bible X titled “Gate Zero”

I’m a licensed minister, so I’m always on the lookout for video games that explore anything Biblical. There isn’t much, and some things are a bit more mystical than my liking, but in discovering Gate Zero via an ad on Facebook, I’m intrigued. Gate Zero takes place during the times of Christ in Jerusalem. It will also allow for multiple players using a mobile phone connected to a PC, which is a neat way to allow for several friends to be able to enjoy. A Kickstarter is imminent, along with a reservation option on their site to have your name in the game. Check out the info and dev logs below!

Gate Zero - Official Reveal Trailer | Bible X Games

Gate Zero is a story-rich adventure that takes you back in time to 1st century Israel to uncover an age-old secret.

Discover the history and culture of ancient Israel as you freely roam the streets of Jerusalem, Capernaum and surrounding areas, picking up missions and items along the way. Gather resources to help the locals and avoid danger by using your gear and stealth abilities. Unlock riddles after every mission to get one step closer to solving your grandmother’s mystery. Witness history unfold as you interact with familiar characters and get involved with their stories.

Play solo or connect mobile phones to the PC and turn a single-player game into a unique couch co-op experience.

NEW Demo Coming Soon! | Gate Zero // Bible X Games (Devlog #1)


The game starts out in the year 2072 in the dystopian world of Terrapolis. You and your cousin Hector receive a cryptic mission from your eccentric late grandmother. She offers the chance to win her whole inheritance if you unlock the secrets of her mysterious “pearl.” You and Hector decide to solve this mystery by going back to the source in his time machine, Gate Zero.

Why we're making a Bible video game | Gate Zero // Bible X Games (Devlog #2)

About the developer

Bible X is a game studio founded in 2020 as part of BCC Media STI. We strongly believe in the powerful medium of gaming and its role in engaging, educating and inspiring youth today. Our goal is take players back to the source and allow them to experience the message of Jesus in a modern and immersive way. Gate Zero is our debut game. Read our story here.

Motion Capture AI and Kickstarter Update | Gate Zero // Bible X Games (Devlog #3)

About the publisher

BCC Media STI is a non-profit media center for Christian communication with over 10 years of experience in media production and distribution. BCC Media’s goal is to bring the message of the Bible to life and make it accessible to children and youth worldwide through the use of modern technology and digital platforms.

Prototype tested by 5000 youth | Gate Zero // Bible X Games (Devlog #4)

Kickstarter campaign

Gate Zero is launching a Kickstarter campaign in June 2023. The goal is to bring in enough funds to complete Release 1 out of four planned releases. The projected launch for Release 1 is 2024.

Anyone who is interested in Gate Zero is encouraged to be an Early Supporter by making a reservation at ahead of the Kickstarter launch.

Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more Gate Zero news and info!

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