Give colonizers the bird in Falcon Age this week

One of the most high-profile PS VR games in recent memory is set to launch April 9. First announced last summer, Outer Loop’s Falcon Age casts you as Ara, a woman imprisoned by a colonial government. With the help of a falcon she befriends from inside her cell, Ara escapes and fights back against her oppressors with the help of her new feathered friend.

Falcon Age will focus on Ara’s (and the player’s) relationship with the falcon. Along with using your falcon to attack robotic enemies, you’ll be able to bond by cooking special snacks to buff your bird, and dress them up in fancy outfits. There’s even a dedicated button to pet or fist bump the falcon, which may become the most-pressed button in video game history.

For those who might be squeamish about seeing their companion harmed, Outer Loop announced “Imprint Mode,” which will keep enemies from attacking, so you can just focus on spending some quality time with your airborne pal.

Falcon Age launches April 9 for PS4 and PS VR.


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