Get up close and personal with the nightmare, The Evil Within 2’s First-Person mode now available

Today, the terrifying survival horror game, The Evil Within 2, becomes even more terrifying as players now have the ability of switching from third-person view to first-person, bringing the nightmare even closer.

“A lot of players like playing horror games in first-person, so for those who want to see some of the game’s situations through Sebastian’s eyes, it’s a really neat experience,” said Tango Gameworks’ producer, Shinsaku Ohara. “I think exploring Union in first-person makes the scale feel even bigger than it does when you’re in third-person. Also, being able to see our environments and enemies up close allows players to get an even better look at how much effort went into their designs.”

For anyone that does not yet own The Evil Within 2, the free trial has been updated to allow first-person mode. Just like the previous version of this free trial, any progress made will be carried over to the full game.

Back in October, we reviewed The Evil Within 2 and praised it for its excellent stealth-based gameplay, creepy environments, and compelling premise. To see our review on the game, check it out here.

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