Get to the choppah! Predator: Hunting Grounds heads to Steam

Multiplayer asymmetric battler Predator: Hunting Grounds (our review) is finally headed to Steam today.  Pitting a 4-person fireteam against the technological superiority of a perfect killing machine, Predator: Hunting Grounds is also bringing cross-play to the table as well.  Let’s de-spine this news and see what’s inside.

Steam users can, now, join the ranks of their PlayStation and Epic Games comrades in the jungle. Predator: Hunting Grounds may be new to STEAM, but it is celebrating its one-year mark this April. When the hunt began in 2020, IllFonic promised it was just the beginning. Since landing in the jungle: Dutch has arrived, filling in fans on lost time with tapes of his whereabouts; multiple predators (Viking, Samurai, Valkyrie, and City Hunter) have watched players every move; new classes for the Predator and Fireteam have made the game more challenging; a new mode was introduced allowing friends (4v4) to CLASH, literally; countless guns, skins, loot, easter-eggs, and trophies have been found/dropped/won; fans can host private matches that give everyone the capability to modify play; and five maps were released to test all skills types. IllFonic’s quarantine has been a productive one.

It’s available right now, but before I send you into the jungle I just want to point out that Disney owns Fox…and Fox owns the Predator franchise.  This makes the Predator a Disney Prince.  As you let that bake into your brain, here’s a snippet from our review:

Now, onto what everyone was excited for: The Predator. The Predator’s goal is simple: kill the fireteam and claim their skulls as trophies. When you down a fireteam soldier, you can perform a quick claim or a long claim. The quick claim is faster but only nets you the skull, while the long claim takes longer and earns you the skull and spine. Long claims reward you with more experience, but they also leave you completely vulnerable and open to attacks. If you have the time and are safe enough, rip it all out, but if you’re in a hurry, just take the skull quickly and leave. Don’t get greedy though or you’ll get yourself killed. Outside of killing, you can also climb marked trees, jump between branches, and even leap long distances. These are all amazing ways of traversing the map and keeping your opponents guessing as to what direction you’re coming from.

As the Predator you have a nice set of tools at your disposal to take down your prey. By default you always have your arm blades, cloaking device, thermal vision, and shoulder-mounted plasma caster. The latter three all use energy, which is represented by a bar on the bottom right of the screen. Thermal vision slowly drains energy while letting you see the world through heat signatures and the cloaking device slowly drains energy as you blend into the environment around you. If you stay completely still, you become basically invisible, but as you move, reflections of light can be spotted and your cover can be blown. Keep in mind that cloaking doesn’t mean completely invisible. The shoulder-mounted plasma caster is aimed with laser sights by pressing L2 and fired with R2, but you can also charge it for a more powerful blast. Longer charges require more energy, but the results are totally worth it if you hit your target.

You can pick up Predator: Hunting Grounds right here.

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